Kerch Fishery Port

Scheme of Kerch Fishery Port


Kerch Fishery Sea Port
49, Sverdlov Str., Kerch, Crimea, 98320, Ukraine.
Contacts and Phone of Kerch Fishery Port
E-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Reception +380-6561-20486, fax 20486
Director General +380-6561-90301, 20486
Vice Director General +380-6561-90303
Chief Operator +380-6561-90367
Operator on Duty +380-6561-20014, 90350
Chief Engineer +380-6561-90305
Head of Commercial Department +380-6561-90318
Harbour Master +380-6561-90304
Chief Accountant +380-6561-90324
Cargo Area Manager +380-6561-90308, 20078
Port Fleet Manager +380-6561-90366
Port Control Inspection +380-6561-90338
Information Desk +380-6561-20078, 90308
Sanitary and Quarantine Office +380-6561-90369
Port Checkpoint +380-6561-20078
Port Medical Service +380-6561-90373
Railway Station +380-6561-90335


Kerch Fishery Port was founded on July 24, 1949. It was designed for handling fish products. Nowadays, it can also handle a wide range of bulk, general and bulk liquid cargoes, as well as perishable goods.


General Information

Position of Kerch Fishery Port: latitude 45°20′N, longitude 36°28′E.

The Port is situated on the shore of Kerch Bay. The approach channel of the fishery port branches off Kerch Merchant Sea Port's approach channel and is 1.1 nautical miles long, 80 m wide.

Kerch Fishery Port waters do not freeze over. It has a bucket type harbour, which provides safe shelter for vessels in any weather. Kerch Fishery Sea Port authorities are in charge of: the port water area itself; the approach channel's waters including the safety zone 100 m northwards and southwards of the channel's edges and the waters of the oil transfer facilities (100 m northwards and southwards of the oil facilities' pier).

Navigational Conditions

Kerch Fishery Port accepts vessels of max. 6.9 m draft and max. 160 m in length.

Maximum speed in the water area and approach channel is 4 knots. Passing other vessels is prohibited at the juncture point of Port Kerch and Kerch Fishery Sea Port's approach channels. Entering/leaving of ships exceeding 500 GRT must be agreed with the Vessel Traffic Service of Kerch Strait. Vessels leaving the Fishery port's approach channel are prohibited from crossing the path of vessels passing through Kerch Merchant Sea Port's approach channel. Vessels coming into the Fishery port from the sea may turn into its approach channel only after letting a vessel leaving Kerch Merchant Sea Port pass through.

All ship movements in the port and channel are prohibited when visibility is less than 0.5 mile.

Entering and Leaving Kerch Fishery Port

Ship agents in international voyage must inform the port operator of her ETA. When cargo and readiness documents have been received, a pilot is sent to the vessel to provide pilotage and mooring at the appointed berth.

The ship agent must provide for the vessel's entry and departure clearance, as well as satisfy the master's request.


Request for pilotage is submitted by radio 24 hours before the vessel reaches the point of pilot embarkation with subsequent confirmation 4 hours before. Request for piloting a vessel out of Kerch Fishery Port should be submitted 6 hours in advance with subsequent confirmation 2 hours before expected departure. Pilotage is provided 24 hrs/day for vessels max. 110 m in length, but only during daylight for those over 110 m.

Tug Assistance

Tug assistance for entering/leaving Kerch Fishery Port and mooring operations is obligatory for vessels of 4,000 t and more. The port renders 2 tugs, Skif and Krab. The ship agent must submit request to the Port Operator 2 hours before tug assistance is required.


Repair services for navigational equipment and vessels are available in Kerch Fishery Port.

Other Services

Ship agents, who service ships lying in Kerch Fishery Port can submit requests for all services in writing to the Port Operator; those anchored at sea can do so by radio. The port provides reception of garbage and oily waters (cleaning facility capacity: 800 cu. m). All vessels can be supplied with potable water.


Kerch Fishery Port's territory totals 19.28 ha, water area – 32.756 ha, ist waterfront amounts to 1016.6 м.

They can handle up to 1000 t of fishing products per 24 hours.

Currently, however, petroleum products, liquefied gas and grain are the main type of cargo handled. A wide range of bulk, general and bulk liquid cargoes can also be handled, as well as perishable goods (meet, fish).


There is one cargo handling area in the port. All 5 berths are equipped with railroad access lines. There are 7 railway lines totally, with an overall length of 4,292.6 m. Razyezd 11th km Station services the port and is 1.5 km away. The port has the facility for (un)loading diesel fuel and vegetable oil.

Berths and Storages of Kerch Fishery Port
Specialization Berth Length (m) Depth (m) Open warehouses (m2) Sheltered warehouses (m2)
Steel, petroleum products 1 124 6,9 1500 -
Steel products 2 167 6,9 5000 -
Grain 3 175 6,9 - 24500
Fish products, petroleum products 4 205 6,9 - 1500 (4950 t)
Liquid and dangerous cargoes, metals 5 155 6,5 - 12000 m3
Fuel oil 7 150 5,5
Cranes Technical Specifications
Name, type Quantity Grade (t) Hook (t) Outreach (m)
Forel, gantry 5 - 6,2 25
Ganz, gantry 8 5,0 6,0 30–32
Kirovets, gantry 2 16,0 20,0 32
GZ-25-32, mounted gantry 1 20,0 25,0 32/8.5×2
Kerch Fishery Port's Fleet
Name, type Quantity DWT (t) Power (hp)
M/v Tamanskiy 1 2500 1200
Biryuchiy, bunkering vessel 1 1600 610
Flora, Skat, bilge water collectors 2 200 255
Skif, tug 1 1200
Krab, tug 1 900
LK-24, pilot boat 1 600
Neptun, roadstead diving boat 1 150
NMS-22, NMS-30, oil and garbage collectors 2 150

Storage Facilities

Kerch Fishery Port has:

  • a sheltered warehouse (1,500 m2);
  • 4 tanks for industrial oil (cap: 850 t each);
  • open storage yards (total area: 10,100 m2).


Kerch Fishery Port has the follwoing lift trucks:

  • DV 1792 of 3.5 t l/c – 4 units;
  • 02-5 FD Toyota of 1.5 t l/c – 2 units;
  • BFD 45 Toyota of 4.5 t l/c – 1unit;
  • bulldozers – 1 unit;
  • excavators – 1 unit.

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