Nikopol River Port

Scheme of Nikopol River Port


Nikopol River Port
26, Krupskaya Str., Nikopol, Dnepropetrovsk Region, 53222, Ukraine.
Contacts and Phones of Nikopol River Port
General Director +380-5662-47621
Operator on Duty +380-5662-47516


Nikopol is a town in Dnepropetrovsk region. It is situated on the bank of the Dnepr River, 70 km from the city of Zaporozhye.

The official date of the town’s establishment is 1780.

The biggest of Ukraine’s pipe and ferroalloy plants operate here, as well as the crane building plant.

Population of the Nokopol makes 127,000 people.

The modern Nikopol River Port was built in 1956 on the banks of Kakhovskiy reservoir after the construction of the Zaporozhye hydroelectric power station. Nikopol River Port has been a subsidiary of Zaporozhye River Port since 1974.

Nearest ports: Zaporozhye River Port - 84 km up the Dnepr, Novaya Kakhovka River Port - 110 km down the Dnepr river.


Nikopol River Port is situated on the right bank of Kakhovskiy reservoir. Port waters total 95.5 hectares. It is navigable 300 days a year.

Port regulations correspond to those of its head port - Zaporozhye River Port.


Nikopol River Port is designed to handle mineral building materials that are mainly carried on local lines.

Dolomite is the import cargo, ferroalloys is the export one.

Port’s harbour construction and facilities are designed for sea-river type ships.

The territory of Nikopol port totals 3.4 hectares. The ports coastline stretches to 460 m.

It is not equipped with railway access lines.

Cargo Handling Rates
Cargo Rate (t/day)
Stone 1600
Crushed stone 2400
Sand 1200
Sand 1500
Concrete goods 500
Steel Scrap 700
Ferroalloys 1000
Cargo Berthes of Nikopol River Port
Berth Specialization Depth (m) Length (m)
Nikopol Mineral-building materials, packed cargo, ferroalloys, scrap 5,0 200,0
Novopavlovka Mineral-building materials 5,0 110,0
Passenger Berthes of Nikopol River Port
Berth Specialization Depth (m) Length (m)
Nikopol Passenger 5,0 110,0
Cranes Technical Specifications
Name, Type Quantity Lifting Capacity (t) Outreach (m) Outreach beyond the waterfront (m)
Ganz, gantry 1 5 30 22
Kirovets, gantry 1 5 30 22
KPL, floating crane 2 5 30 22
Port Fleet
Name, Type Quantity Lifting Capacity (t) Engine power (hp) Passenger capacity
SP-2, cargo passengers vessels 2 600 300 72

Storage Facilities

Nikopol River Port has 4,000 sq. m of open storage area on Nikopol cargo berth, 1,100 sq. m – on cargo berth in Novopavlovka.

Passenger Transportation

Passenger transportations are carried out on Nikopol – Kamenka – Dneprovskaya ferry line.