Novaya Kahovka River Port

Scheme of Novaya Kahovka River Port


JS Novaya Kahovka River Port
1-b, Portovaya Str., Tavriysk, Kherson Region, 74989, Ukraine
Contact and Phones of Novaya Kahovka River Port
Chairman of the Board +380-5549-73100
Accountant +380-5549-74010


Novaya Kahovka River Port is situated in the town of Tavriysk, which is adjacent to the town of Novaya Kahovka, in Kherson Region.

Both towns are situated on the bank of Kahovskiy reservoir. Novaya Kahovka was founded in 1952 due to the construction of Kahovka hydroelectric power station.

Novaya Kahovka River Port dates back to 1820, when Kahovka Quay was established on the Dnepr River. The quay used to enjoy a considerable cargo turnover, mainly of grain. Besides, there was a river crossing where up to 200,000 cartloads of salt passed per year.

Novaya Kahovka River Port was established in 1962 with the completion of the new port in the water area of Kahovka navigable sluice.

In 1993 the port became a joint stock company.


General Information

The port is open for international transportation. The port waters include tail reach (150,000 m2) and head reach (roadstead No. 1 has 40,000 m2, roadstead No. 2 has 15,000 m2).

The navigable period lasts 270 days.

The icy period begins in mid of December, and ends in mid of March.

Northeasterly winds prevail. Maximum choppiness: 2.1 m.

Navigational Conditions

All types of river going and river – sea vessels are admitted. Draught max. 3.6 m. Max. speed within the port waters 5 kph.

Entering and Leaving Port

Entering and leaving port is arranged according to standard rules. Report of ETA and vessel’s information should be submitted 24 and 12 hours prior to arrival, then confirmed 6 hours in advance.


Pilotage is not obligatory.

Ship Repair

Turners, joiners, welding works, as well as painting are available in the port.

Customs Checkpoint

The customs checkpoint of Kherson customs office works round-the-clock.


The port deals mainly with mineral building cargoes: crushed stone (of various fraction with hardness up to 1,400 units, mainly from Zaporozhye pit); granule siftings; blast furnace slags for road works; river sand (modulus 1.1 and more); lime crushed rock; etc.


Port territory comprises 8.82 hectares. Overall berthing line has the length of 1.2 km: equipped with the crane way – 336 m, natural bank – 700 m.

The port has one cargo area, the Central one. The area has its approach road but no railway access. The nearest railway terminal is 6 km away.

Storage Facilities

The total area of open storage amounts to 61,500 m2.

Berths of Novaya Kahovka River Port
Berth Length (m) Depth (m) Specialization, throughput capacity (t/day) Equipment Open storage yards (m2)
1 100 3.4 Boxes and packages (459) 1 gantry crane, l/c 5 t 5000
2 120 3.8 Scrap ferrous metals (1,369) 1 gantry crane, l/c 10 t 6000
3 140 3.6 Mineral building materials (MBM) (2,608) 1 gantry crane, l/c 10 t 7000
Cranes' Technical Specification
Type Quantity Lifting Capasity Outreach (m)
grade hook
Kirovets 1 5 5 30
Kirovets 1 10/20 10/20 32/16
Kirovets 1 10/20 10/12 32
ТО-25 1 3.5