Oktyabrsk Specialized Sea Port


Specialized Sea Port of Oktyabrsk
PO Box 170, Nikolaev, 54052, Ukraine.
Sea Port Oktyabrsk on Map Scheme of Sea Port Oktyabrsk


The specialized Sea Port of Oktyabrsk was founded in 1965. It is located 25 km from the city of Nikolaev, on the left shore of the Dnepro-Bugskiy estuary.

The port is open to foreign flag ships.


General Information

All ships coming in port Oktyabrsk from sea, as well as those intending go to sea, should submit their orders for passing along the Bugsko-Dneprovsko-Limanskiy Channel (BDLC) together with information about the ship's readiness for leaving the port to the Harbour Master and SE Delta-Pilot via the supervisors of agent firms. Permission to pass through BDLC is granted by Delta Pilot Executive Center via the Central Vessel Traffic Service, Russkaya kosa, based on the Harbour Master's decision to accommodate the vessel; or on his decision that it is ready to leave the port.

Directions for vessels' navigational maneuvers are given via Vessel Traffic Service (VTS) Ochakov: for vessels entering BDLC, via Central Vessel Traffic Service (CVTS) Russkaya kosa for vessels leaving the port. The operational area of VTS Ochakov starts from the eastern line of Port Yuzhniy's VTS area, continues along the recommended route No. 1 and finishes near buoy No. 33 in the 5th bend of BDLC.

Entering and Leaving Port Oktyabrsk

Vessels must go through inward formalities with State Port Control Inspection (SPCI) irrespectively of a vessel's flag. Foreign flag vessels must perform inward formalities with the supervision of the ship agency no later than 6 hours after the ship has been allowed into port.

For entering port Oktyabrsk, vessels must submit the standard documents required.

Outward formalities are also carried out by SPCI. Shipmasters must submit the standard documents plus their scheme for deck cargo fixing, and the ship's stability calculations in view of entering and leaving their next port of call.

The ship owner should provide the shipmaster with the cargo declaration before cargo operations begin according to SOLAS convention requirements; copies of these cargo declarations should be submitted to the SPCI. Permissible load draught in port Oktyabrsk is 10.5 m.

Navigational Conditions

BDLC is the main channel, so the navigation along it is defined by Rule 9 of IRPCS72 and by the navigational rules and pilotage in the northwestern part of the Black Sea, Bugsko-Dnestrovsko-Limanskiy and Kherson sea channels.


Pilotage in BDLC and pilot service while mooring in the port is compulsory.

Taking on and leaving off port pilots are performed in the area of anchorage No. 363. Taking on and leaving off a liner pilot is also performed at the Cape of Adjiyask.

The ships bounding for the Specialized Sea Port of Oktyabrsk are to submit the orders for pilots of the state company Delta Pilot via the ships' agents 48 hours in advance, repeat it 24 hours in advance and confirm it 6 hours before approaching the point of the pilot's embarkation.

The ships leaving the port are to submit the order for pilot of SE Delta-Pilot 8 hours before and confirm it 2 hours before the ship's departure.

To call for a port pilot, the shipmaster submits his order via the Port Operator 2 hours prior to undertaking mooring operations.

The pilot and tugboats are sent to a ship only after the shipmaster has confirmed the ship's readiness for mooring operations.

Tug Assistance

Mooring operations must be performed with the help of tugboats, the number and power of which are determined by the shipmaster in consultation with a port pilot.

When the order for tugs has not been submitted, the port pilot takes his own decision as to the number and power capacity of the tugs, the shipmaster has no right to reject the recommended service.

Mooring operations of oceangoing vessels in the port are not carried out when the wind force is 6 by Beaufort scale and more.


Anchorage No. 363 is for use by all ships.

Vessels in roadstead are provided with a cutter to be connected with the shore.

Policy on Staying in Port Oktyabrsk

Every ship master must undergo the instructions procedure (on board the ship) with the Port Police Officer on Duty (to be entered into a special logbook) then he informs the crew members, families and other people aboard about the requirements (a militiaman boards a vessel).

Cargo berths are made ready for mooring and shifting in accordance with the Port Operator's instructions. The free length of the berth with regards to the ship's length is taken into consideration as the distance between ships should be 10– 15 m.


Port Oktyabrsk can handle up to 3 million t of general cargo.

Port has 7 berths, with a total berthing line of 1.9 km. The port has sufficient railway and motor vehicle access tracks and roads.

Its sheltered warehouse area covers 40,000 sq. m., and open storage area covers 264,800 sq. m.

The port has gantry cranes of 10–40 t capacity, and other cargo handling equipment.