Yevpatoria Sea Port


Yevpatoriya Commercial Sea Port
1, Moryakov Sq., Yevpatoriya, Crimea, 97416, Ukraine.
Yevpatoria Merchant Sea Port on Map Scheme of Yevpatoria Merchant Sea Port
Contacts and Phones of Yevpatoria Sea Port
Reception Desk +380-6569-32106, fax: 62241
General Director +380-6569-62221
Chief Engineer +380-6569-31012
Dispatcher on Duty +380-6569-31036
Chief Dispatcher +380-6569-31036
Harbor Master +380-6569-30567
Port State Control (PSC) +380-6569-30281


Yevpatoriya is situated on the shore of Kalamitskiy Bay of the Black Sea and became widely known as a mud cure and balneotherapeutic health resort.

At the end of V century b. c. the Greek colony Kerkinitida appeared where modern Yevpatoriya stands now. At the end of XV century. there was a Turkish fortress city Gezlev. After Crimea joined Russian Empire for the attraction of citizens to the city in 1798 the Russian emperor Pavel I issued the manifesto on establishment of free harbour here. Nowadays Yevpatoriya is a famous children’s health resort, a resort, industrial and cultural center of Western Crimea.

The population is 114 thousand people.

Yevpatoriya Sea Port is a state enterprise in the system of Ministry of Transport and Communications of Ukraine.


General Information

The port is situated on the northern shore of Kalamitskiy Bay of Yevpatoriya Bight on the Black Sea.

Port coordinates: Latitude 35°10’ N, longitude 33°21’ E.

Water area of Yevpatoriya port is limited by the circular arc of 2 miles radius from the center of the light of the mooring 2 and the sealine.

The water area of the port on Donuzlav Lake and approach channel is limited by the lines connecting the southern end of the pier of South Spit and the point with the following coordinates: 45°18’17,9” of the north latitude and 32°56’58,6” of the east longitude and farther to the southern end of the North Spit; farther along the shore hydraulic facilities of North Spit to the point with the following coordinates: 45°19’51,4” of the north latitude and 32°59’05,5” of the east longitude; father along the shoreline and water development facilities of the port station Krimskiy on Donuzlav Lake to the point with the fol-lowing coordinates: 45°20’01,6” of the north latitude and 32°58’46,6” of the east longitude; farther along the shoreline to the eastern end of the Dovbish Cape and the points with the following coordinates: 45°21’53,0” of the north latitude and 33°02’02,0” of the east longitude and 45°21’18,0” of the north latitude and 33°02’44,0” of the east longitude to the south-western end of the Kenegiyskiy Cape; farther along the shoreline to the southern end of the pier of South Spit.

The navigation is the year round. The port almost unfreezes, no ice sheet was observed.

Entering and Leaving Port

The port entry and exit of ships is within 24 hours according to the permission of the inspection of Gosportnadzor (IGPN). The ap-plications on port services are filed to a port operational manager together with the initial information on entry.

The entry and exit are documented on board of the ship by the master on duty of a port inspection.

Navigational Conditions

Yevpatoriya port accepts ships of 145 m in length and 5.0 m draft.

The navigation in the port water area is regulated. Any ship movement in the port water zone without the permission of the Master on Duty of IGPN is prohibited. The ship speed in the port water and in the area of anchorage № 382 must be minimally required for the ship control. The movement of only one ship is allowed in the area of anchorage № 382 and if the visibility is less than 1 mile in port waters.


The pilotage is obligatory for ships with a gross tonnage of more than 200 GRT. The application on pilotage is provided by a shipmaster to the port master 12 hours beforehand. A pilot is accepted and landed at the luminous buoy of the Karantinniy Cape in seas lower than 3 points on the scale.

Tug Assistance.

For safety mooring operations the use of a tug is obligatory in Yevpatoriya port. The number of tugs is defined by a shipmaster and a pilot. The application on tug is filed 2 hours beforehand. The towing is carried out with wind force up to 6.


At the roadstead of Yevpatoriya port there is an anchorage No. 382 available for the ships with the draft of up to 10 m; it is safe from winds and north-westward sea roughness. The southward wind with the force more than 9 m/s causes the roadstead disturbance that makes the mooring hard. The ships reaching the port wait for the berth at the anchorage No. 382. Low-tonnage ships use the mooring 3, 4 and 5 with the draft up to 5.0 m.

The anchorages Nos. 378 and 381 are available for the ships with the draft up to 10m moored at the outer road near the port station Krymskiy, Donuzlav Lake. The permission on anchorage is given by the operator on duty of the military base.


Yevpatoriya port capacity is enough to handle the cargo up to 2.0M t per year. Cargo-passenger carriages from the port are performed towards Turkey. The hydro powered transfer of sand is executed by means of pile-line barges.

Ferry port complex accepts the ships Ro-Ro and has the opportunity to handle more than 10,000. of extra-heavy trucks per year as export-import. Last years the inner passenger transportation was 2.8M passengers per year. Nowadays the demand for such transportation is not high and is about 63 thousand people.


The total area of the port in Yevpatoriya is 6.4 ha, of the cargo area in port station Krimskiy on the North Spit is 1.9 ha and on the South Spit is 14 ha; the total length of the mooring line is 1,300 running meters, of passenger piers – 438.0 m.

There is no railway line in the port. The nearest railway station Yevpatoriya-Tovarnaya is 5 km from Yevpatoriya port.

There are two loading areas in the port – a cargo-passenger area in Yevpatoriya and a cargo area in Donuzlav.

Cargo Transport Analysis
Cargo Capacity (t)
Sand 700000.00
Extra-heavy trucks with or without cargo (units) 12000.00
Boxes/packages (include extra-heavy trucks) 400000.00
Berths and Storages
Specialization Berth Length (m) Depth (m) Open storage, (m2 thousand)
Cargo-passenger 2 195.00 8.25
Cargo-passenger 3 134.00 5.00 4000.00
Technical 4 145.00 5.50
Cargo 5 149.00 6.00 4500.00 / 6.00
Cargo-passenger 6 174.00 6.00 3800.00 / 1.00
Cargo North Spit Donuzlav 152.00 6.00 12000.00 / 50.00
Cargo South Spit Donuzlav 305.00 9.00 2000.00 / 5.00
Cranes Technical Data
Name Quantity Lifting capacity (t) Outreach (m)
grade hook
Ganz, gantry 2 5 6,00 30
'Sokol', gantry 1 16 32,00 32
'Albatros', gantry 1 10 20,00 32
'RDK-160', caterpillar 1 5 16,00 variable
'RDK-25', caterpillar 1 25,00 variable
'RDK-160-3', caterpillar 1 6 21,10 variable
'Kato', rubber tyred 1 30,00 variable
KS-3575 A, automobile 1 10,00 variable


Cargo-Passenger Complex

It is located on berths Nos. 5 and 6. It accepts cargo-passenger ships. The capacity is 100,000 t of boxes/packages per year. The complex is equipped with: gantries Ganz of 5/6 t l/c – 2 units; a rubber tyered Kato of 10-20 t l/c; caterpillars: RDK-160 of 5-16 t l/c – 1 unit, RDK-25 of 2,25 t l/c – 1 unit; lift trucks of 5 t l/c – 2 units; a caterpillar Dier-65 of 5–16 t l/c – 1 unit.

Transportation direction: Yevpatoriya – Istanbul (Turkey).

Cargo Ferry-Broker Terminal (CFBT)

It is located on berths Nos. 2 and 3. It accepts ferries and is equipped with the TIR parking. The capacity is 12,000 vehicles and 300,000 t of cargo per year.

Transportation direction: Yevpatoriya – Zonguldak (Turkey).

The cargo-passenger complex and CFBT are equipped with open warehouses with the area 23,500 sq. m and the capacity more than 10,000 t and also a sheltered warehouse with the useful area of more than 200 sq. m and the capacity 700cu. m.

Cargo Area of Port Station Krimskiy, Donuzlav Lake

The hydro powered transfer of sand is executed by means of pile-line barges.

The port station Krimskiy on the South Spit of Donuzlav Lake consists of 2 cargo terminals (the total length of the waterside is 305 m, the depth near the berths is 9 m) and 1 cargo terminal on the North Spit of Donuzlav Lake (the total length of the waterside is 152 m, the depth near the berth is 7 m) where 24 hour handling of vehicles is provided.

The port point has the well-developed infrastructure of cargo-handling devices, the system of power supply, convenient sea access, and can accept the ships with the draft up to 9 m and the capacity up to 40,000 t.

The sand handling capacity is 600,000 per year. The intensity of handling is 11,200 per day.

Technological loading scheme: warehouse – bulldozer – crane – transport vehicle.

The cargo area of the port station is equipped with two gantries – Sokol (l/c 16/20/32 t) and Albatros (l/c 10/20 t); two caterpillars RDK 160-3 (l/c 20 t); two bulldozers.

The open storehouse area is 12,000 sq. m, the capacity is 50,000 t of cargo.

The cargo area works 24/7.

Transportation directions: Donuzlav – Crimean ports.

There is no branch line in the port station. The nearest railway station is 80 km from the port point.


The port is equipped with:

  • lift trucks of 5 t l/c, the total power 390 h.p. – 4 units;
  • bulldozers – 2 units;
  • digger Liebherr, hoe capacity – 0.8 cu. m – 1 unit.

A stevedoring company carries out cargo-handling operations in the port according to the approved cargo-handling rates.