Sevastopol Fishery Port

Sevastopol Fishery Port


Sevastopol Fishery Sea Port
5, Rybakov Str., Sevastopol, 99014, Ukraine.
Contacts and Phones of Sevastopol Fishery Port
E-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Reception +380-692-412482, fax 412482
Director General +380-692-422116, 412482
Оperations Deputy Direсtor +380-692-412443
Chief Engineer +380-692-412319
Economics Deputy Direсtor +380-692-412480
General Affairs Deputy Direсtor +380-692-412481
Deputy Director for Cargo Development +380-692-412499
Operator on Duty +380-692-422122, 412104
Chief Operator +380-692-412324
Harbour Master +380-692-412110
Chief Accountant +380-692-412001
Head of Cargo Area +380-692-412290
Manager of Port Fleet +380-692-411971
Port State Control Inspection (PSC) +380-692-412171
Fire Department +380-692-412454
Customhouse +380-692-412112
Border Post +380-692-540325
Medical Service +380-692-412261
Railway Station Bukhta Kamyshovaya +380-692-412069


Sevastopol Fishery Port was founded in 1964. It specialized in handling fish products but nowadays the port can also handle other cargoes. It has been open to foreign vessels since 1992.


Sevastopol Fishery port's VHF radio station call sign is Sevastopol2. VHF/UHF – 16-th channel.


The article is written on the basis of the Mandatory Regulations issued for the Sevastopol Fishery Sea Port dated 03.09.09.

General Information

Sevastopol Fishery Port position: Latitude 44°35′N, Longitude 33°26′E.

The port is situated in Kamyshovaya Bay in the southwestern part of the Crimean Peninsula in the Black Sea. The port is open for navigation all year round. For weather conditions see section 'Sevastopol Merchant Sea Port'.

The port's water area is divided into inner and an outer harbours by the inner eastern mole (berths Nos. 213, 214).

To the northeast port waters are protected by eastern and western moles; they are bounded: to the north by a line connecting the western and eastern moles' extremities, by the coast line and to the south by a line connecting a part of berth No. 220 with the point: Latitude 44°34′28′′N, Longitude 33°25′50′′E.

Navigational Conditions

Sevastopol Fishery port accommodates ships of maximum 230 m in length, 32 m width and 9.1 m draft. In port waters all vessels should sail at minimum speed.

Entering Port

To enter Sevastopol Fishery Port, requests must be submitted to the Port Operator, SPCI and the Harbour Master. Shipmasters of vessels leaving the Azov or Black Sea ports should submit this request 12 hours prior to ship's departure. Vessels on long voyages should do so at least 24 hours before entry.

The ship's ETA should be reconfirmed through ship agent 6 and 2 hours before entering the port.

The following information must be given:

  • ship's name; purpose of call;
  • itinerary;
  • speed;
  • estimated time of arrival;
  • pilotage request and needs.

Shipmasters of vessels approaching Cape Khersones (at the distance of 6 miles from there) should keep their radios tuned for communication with VTS.

Ships entering and leaving port should quarter for naval vessels. Ships entering port should quarter for ships leaving the port.

Ships' inward/outward formalities are carried out in SPCI office. Vessels must pass inward formalities at the Border Post within 30 minutes after completion of mooring operations. Ships under foreign flags should pass inward/outward formalities with the assistance of their Agent.

Leaving Port

To leave Sevastopol Fishery Port, the shipmaster should notify and submit the proper documents to the Harbour Master six hours in advance. Shipmaster will receive permission to leave port from State Port Control Inspection 15 minutes prior to ship's scheduled departure. While leaving port and until having navigated 6 miles away from Cape Khersones, the ship's radio should be tuned for communication with VTS, and signal watches arranged.


Pilotage at Sevastopol Fishery Port is compulsory for vessels of over 4.5 m draft and over 65 m in length; it is provided with tug assistance only. Requests for tug assistance should be submitted to the Port Operator 2 hours in advance.


Anchorage area No. 389 is in Sevastopol Fishery Port's outer roadstead and situated 8 cables northwest from the western mole. Position: Latitude 44°36′N, Longitude 33°24′E. It is over 50 m deep, with silt ground.

Policy on Staying in Sevastopol Fishery Port

The safety of ships staying at berths in the outer harbour cannot be ensured when western, northern, or northeastern storm winds are blowing. Therefore, vessels should be kept ready to set out to sea. When the wind speed reaches 12 mps, they should leave the outer harbour's waters.


Sevastopol Fishery Port can offer repair services for the following:

  • life rafts and other survival craft;
  • inspection and/or repair of electro, radio and navigational equipment.

Services of Sevastopol Fishery Port

Potable water can be supplied from shore. Sevastopol Fishery Port can collect oil-polluted and bilge waters, it has purification plant. The port provides storage services.


Sevastopol Fishery Port territory totals 30.5 ha. Its berthing length totals 1,767 m. The main types of cargo handled with the port own equipment are metal and fish products. The port also handles oil and petroleum products at petroleum handling berth.


Sevastopol Fishery Port has a cargo handling area on the eastern bank of Kamyshovaya Bay and an oil handling facility on the bay's western bank. 5,000 to 6,000 t of rolled metal products, chemical products in bigbags – 1,000 t, fish products – 350 t are handled daily.

Total length of approaching railways from the station Kamyshovaya Bay is 7,200 m. The overall length of the crane tracks makes 1,708 м. Sheltered non-heated warehouse area totals 6,000 m2, sheltered heated ones – 10,000 m2, open storage areas cover 74,062 m2.

Berths of Sevastopol Fishery Port
Specialization No. Length (m) Depth (m)
Laying up berth for port auxiliary fleet vessels 209 100 6,00
General cargo 210 162 9,75
General cargo 211 200 9,75
Laying up berth for Ro-Ro type vessels 212 163 7,60
Laying up berth 213 55 7,60
Laying up berth 214 99 7,60
Loading berth 215 121 7,25
General cargo 216 124 8,25
General cargo 217 151 8,25
Loading berth 218 115 6,00
Loading berth 219 109 6,00
Loading berth 220 133 6,00
Laying up аnd supply 231 50 6,00
Bunkering (oil handling) 238 185 9,75
Storage Facilities of Sevastopol Fishery Port
Type of storage Area (sq. m)
Metal hangar at the rear end of 210-th berth 2000
Metal hangar at the rear end of 210-th berth 2000
Bloc of storages, total 10000
Sand storage 1504
Area at the travelling gantry crane 5500
Area at the proof ground 800
Area at the gantry crane No. 3 1580
Area at the ramp of railway No. 6 930
Area on the berth No. 212 2470
Area on the berth No. 215 1200
Area on the berth No. 211 2940
Area on the berth No. 210 9010
Area on the new territory 48128
Port Fleet
Name, project, type Quantity Deadweight (t) Power (hp)
Sevastopolets, 498, tug 1 40.6 2×660
Kamyshovets, 737M, tug 1 24.0 2×450
Chongar, 4983, tug 1 57.4 2×800
Ritm, 134D 1 86.0 2×1260
Fauna, Midia, Svetly, 1582U, bilge water collector boats 3 323.0 1×225
NMS-11, 2550/4, spillage and garbage collector boats 1 48 323
PZHK-432, 364, fire boat 1 12 2×1000
Yuzhniy, Vostochny, 610 2 3354 1×1200


Mounted on the front/rear ends of berths, there are totaly 27 gantry cranes (Forel, Ganz, KPP, Albatros, Kirovets) with lifting capacity from 3.2 up to 32 t and 2 travelling gantry cranes of 50 t l/c each with 42 m spans.

There are 30 truck loaders of Shtill and Komatsu type of loading capacity from 6 t to 16 t for transferring, stockpiling and stowage of cargo in the ships' holds, 2 lift trucks 4014 type of 5 t l/c, 50 electrically powered lift trucks, 1 bucket loader Foton, 1 port tractor Terberg, 3 roll-trailers of 25 t l/c.

There are 11 open railway trucks and 2 diesel locomotives for inner port cargo transportation and cargo delivery to vessels.

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