Azov Shiprepair Yard's Port


'Azov Ship Repair Yard'
2, Lunina ave., 87510, Mariupol, Ukraine
Tel. +38(0629)530191
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'Azov Ship Repair Yard' is the biggest shiprepair enterprise in the Sea of Azov. It was founded in 1886. It is situated in Mariupol. At present it is a multipurpose enterprise, which performs all kinds of shiprepair and dock works. This yard builds oil and garbage collectors, repairs and restores spare parts for marine diesel engines and produces grade loaders for handling of bulk cargo.

Cargo handling has also been provided here since 1995. Metal products, fertilizers, grain and other general cargoes are handled there.


The Mandatory Regulations issued for Mariupol Merchant Sea Port are also applicable for Azov Ship Repair Yard waters, as well as the mandatory regulations for foreign flag vessels accommodated at the terminal of Azov Ship Repair Yard Ltd.


Virtually all kinds of repairs including docking of vessels with dimensions of up to 198x26 m and weight of up to 15,000 t are provided by Azov Shiprepair Yard, namely:

  • repair of main and auxiliary engines;
  • all types of electro engines and generators; steel works, etc.


The terminal of Azov Ship Repair Yard carries out handling of general, bulk and liquid cargoes including metal rolled stock, cast iron, grain, mineral fertilizers, containers, oversize and heavyweight cargoes.

The yard capacity, as to handling of export/import general and bulk cargo amounts to 900,000 t a year.

Total area of port waters of Azov Ship Repair Yard is 11.25 ha, length of berths is 900 m. There are gantry cranes of 6–40 t l/c, a floating dock of 15,000 t l/c and floating cranes of 60 t and 140 t l/c.

Depths at the berths is 8 m. Dimensions of docked vessels are up to 198×26 m.

Berths of Azov Ship Repair Yard
Specialization Berth Length (m) Depth (m)
Bulk cargoes on direct technological scheme (fertilizers, grain, slag) 1 110,00 7,60
Bulk cargoes on direct technological scheme (fertilizers, grain, slag) 2 119,00 8,00
Ship repair 3 130,00 6,50
Ship repair 4 145,00 7,00
General and bulk cargoes (metal, pig iron, coal) 7 270,00 8,00
General and bulk cargoes (metal, pig iron, coal) 8 128,00 7,00
Heavyweight and oversized cargoes 9 110,00 8,00
Cranes' Specifications
Name Quantity Lifting capacity (t) Outreach (m) Outreach beyond waterfront (m)
grade hook
Ganz 2 6 10 8-30 21,40
Zhdanovets 1 - 32 13-35 26,40
Kone 1 - 30 15-45 36,35
Albatros 2 10 20 8-32 23,35
Kondor 2 16 40 8-32 20,35
Kirovets 2 - 16/32 8-30 18,35
Kirovets 3 - 10 8-30 18,35
Cargo Handling Rates at Azov Ship Repair Yard
Cargo Kind of Operation Rate (t./ship/day)
Barley, wheat (direct scheme) loading 2500
Steel plates loading 2500
Metal in bales (reinforcing steel, steel cast, profile, etc.) loading 4000
Slabs, rolls loading 6000
Small diameter pipes in bales loading 1000
Fertilizerz (direct scheme) loading 4000


The port also has:

  • automobile cranes of 10 t l/c – 2 units;
  • floating cranes of 140 t, 60 t l/c – 2 units;
  • lift trucks of 1.5–14 t l/c – 6 units.