Dneprodzerzhinsk River Port

Scheme of Dneprodzerzhinsk River Port


JSC Dneprodzerzhinsk River Port
2, Korchevsky Str., Dneprodzerzhinsk, Dnepropetrovsk Region, 51925, Ukraine.
Contacts and Phone of Dneprodzerzhinsk River Port
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Reception +380-5692-38164, 33693, 32552, 32729, fax 38164


Dneprodzerzhinsk is a town in Dnepropetrovsk region. The first historical records of the settlement date back to 1750.

Today Dneprodzerzhinsk is an important industrial center of Ukraine. Among its largest enterprises there are the Dneprovsky Metallurgical Plant, Dneprodzerzhinsk Railcar Building Works, the chemical enterprise AZOT, etc.

Population of Dneprodzerzhinsk is 250,000.

Dneprodzerzhinsk River Port is situated on the Dnepr's right bank. It was founded in 1878 as the quay used to service passengers, transport agricultural products, granite, sand and metal. The highest yearly cargo handling turnover achieved by the modern port was about 1,5 million t.


General Information

Dneprodzerzhinsk River Port is situated 475 km up the mouth of the Dnepr.

Navigation lasts from March 20 till November 28.

There can be a water level overfall at the waterfront. The changes depend on the operation of the hydroelectric power plant.

Water area of the river port comprises three cargo berths.

Entering and Leaving Dneprodzerzhinsk River Port

Request to enter or leave Dneprodzerzhinsk River Port and for services must be submitted by phone or fax 24 hours in advance. Vessels must have valid ship documents.

Cargo is delivered to port according to contractual agreements with port administration.

Reception for handling or other operations can only be provided after the port confirms admittance of vessel. Requests for handling of vessels should be submitted no less than 6 days prior to the beginning of the call planned.

Navigational Conditions

Dneprodzerzhinsk River Port admits vessels of max. 110 m in length and 3.2 m draft.

The regime and conditions of pilotage obligatory in the non-navigable period are determined according to port regulations and by agreement with the port operator.

Maximal navigation speed in port waters is 3 km per hour.


In accordance with Rules of Navigation in Inland Water Ways of Ukraine.


Gas and electric welding and lathe works are available in Dneprodzerzhinsk River Port.


Dneprodzerzhinsk River Port specializes in handling of metal rolled stock, iron ore, sand, building materials.

Berth of Dneprodzerzhinsk River Port
Berth Length (m) Depth (m)
Cargo 70,00 3,30
Town cargo 150,00 3,30
Cargo 150,00 3,30
Cargo Handling Rates
Cargo Operation Rate (t/ship/day)
Bulk alumina (direct scheme) discharging 1000
Steel products in bundles loading 1100
Slabs loading 2000
Small diameter pipes in bundles loading 1000
Cast iron ingots in bulk loading 1000
Wire rods in coils, non-ferrous metals loading 650
Iron ore loading / discharging 1600


Dneprodzerzhinsk River Port territory totals 5.025 hectares. The berthing line totals 340 m.

The port has two specialized terminals for handling: dry-bulk mineral and building cargoes, as well as for metal handling.

Dneprodzerzhinsk River Port Cranes’ Technical Specifications
Name Quantity Lifting capacity (t) Outreach (m) Outreach beyond the waterfront (m)
Albatros 1 10/20 32/16 22
Albrecht 1 16 30
KPL-77 2 5
Port Fleet
Name Quantity Power (hp)
BT-476 1 300
BT-467 1 300
BT-Zhuravel 1 300
ST-Algira 1 300

Storage Facilities

Dneprodzerzhinsk River Port's open storage yards cover 6,100 m2.