Kherson River Port

Scheme of Kherson River Port


Kherson River Port
6, Odesskaya Sq., Kherson, 73025, Ukraine.
Contacts and Phones of Kherson River Port
E-mailThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Reception+38-0552-488101, fax 264390
Director General+38-0552-224390, 488101
Operation Director+38-0552-488118, fax 224390
Head of Commercial Department+38-0552-265009, fax 264381
Chief Accountant+38-0552-263133
Chief Engineer+38-0552-488254
Operator on Duty+38-0552-488146, fax 263387
Chief Operator+38-0552-488146
Head of Cargo Area+38-0552-282188
Port State Control Inspection (PSC)+38-0552-488291
Check Point Operator on Duty+38-0552-488350
Railway Station "Kherson-Port"+38-0552-533590, 532075


Kherson River Port and the town of Kherson were born at the same time. The first cargo was delivered from the Dnepr upper reaches for people who were building the fortress and the shipyard. In 1946, the Kherson river pier was granted a status of Kherson River Port.

Kherson River Port is an important transport hub: river, sea, railway and road transport means interact there.

The port is situated in the mouth of the Dnepr River, at the distance of 28 km from Dnepro-Bugskiy liman, on the left river bank of the Koshevaya River.

Kherson River Port is the only mouth river port of the Dnepr with all-year navigation. The port is situated beyond the locks of Dnepr cascade's hydroelectric stations what is of great importance for cargo owners.

At present, the enterprise performs handling of foreign and transit cargoes of various nomenclature and accommodates seagoing vessels with the load draught of up to 7.8 m, as well as ships of river-sea type bound for the Black Sea and Mediterranean ports.


VHF Radio stations in port (24 hrs a day): Reid, Seiner – on sea channels; Kama – on river channels.

Radio Contacts
Name of subscriberCall signCalling channelWorking channel
Radio Station "Reid"
Vessel Control and Port Control Inspection Kherson-73166.14
Port OperatorKherson-cabotage166.14
Radio Station "Kama"
Vessel Control and Port Control InspectionKherson-152.21
Port OperatorCabotage2


General Information

Kherson River Port is situated on the banks of the Koshevaya river, in Kherson Merchant Sea Port waters.

The minimum width along the Koshevaya river in the vicinity of the river port berths is 150 m. Channel depths are 4.4–5 m on the berths Nos. 3–7 and 7.8 m on berth No. 1. East – west streams prevail. The river port adheres to the Mandatory Regulations issued for Kherson Merchant Sea Port.


Pilotage is compulsory and performed by state enterprise Delta-Pilot.


While waiting for berthing, vessels bound for Kherson River Port should keep to the Upper roads. In the Upper roads vessels with draft of up to 7.8 m in full load are allowed.

Ships Service

Kherson River Port renders the following services by request:

  • collection of bilge and grey water, dry garbage;
  • bunkering with potable water, tugs assistance;
  • providing berths for lay-up, etc.


In Soviet Union times the characteristic feature of Kherson River Port was high rates of passenger transport on tourist and local lines. On an average, the port transported 9–11 million passengers. Today this figure has dropped to 1.2 million.

The port used to specialize in sand handling from the Kardashinskiy quarry.

Out of 230 hectares were allocated to the port for sand quarrying 190 hectares have been exhausted.

In 1975–1985, up to 1.5 million t of sand were handled by the port a year. At present, there is no sand quarrying.

Since the 80s Kherson River Port has been handling bulk and general cargoes: rolled ferrous metal, timber, bauxite, scrap metal, coal, coke.

Besides timber, which became traditional for the port, they restarted handling export scrap metal. It is carried mainly to Turkey and Italy. Rolled stock produced at Zaporozhstal Integrated Plant is also shipped by the port.

Another export cargo is mineral fertilizers (Russian saltpeter, carbamide and urea). Kherson River Port handles 33–35,000 t of them a month. Mineral fertilizers are exported to Africa and Greece.

The port handles Turkish building materials, transit scrap metal from Kazakhstan, clay and lead.


Kherson River Port has 7 berths. The berthing line is 950 m long. The usual practice is to handle vessels of up to 7.8 m draft on berths Nos. 1–2 and up to 5 m on berths Nos. 3–7.

Kherson River Port Daily Capacity
CargoCapacity (t)Wagon (units)
Boxes / packages50010
Cargo Handling Rates at Kherspn River Port
CargoKind of operationRate (t(pcs)/ship/day)
Chemicals, fertilizers in big bags and on palletsloading850
Different packaged itemsloading / discharging600
Rolled steelloading1500
Coke in bulkloading2000
Steel scraploading900
Ore in bulkdischarging1800
Berths of Kherson River Port
SpecializationBerthLength (m)Depth (m)Storage
Mineral fertilisers1-2220,007,80Склад емкостью 10–30 тыс. т
General cargoes, timber, scrap metal3-7550,004,50

Specialized Terminals

The Special Terminal for Handling Mineral Fertilizers

It has been in operation since 1999. The terminal is located on berth No. 2.

It is intended to receive and send mineral granulated fertilizers, both in bulk and packaged.

Vessels are loaded both at berths and in the roadstead. Only one ship can be handled at a time. The terminal has special facilities for packing fertilizers into bags. The terminal output reaches up to 30,000 t a month. Handling capacity: while packing – 800 t/day, while loading on ships – up to 1,500 t/day. The terminal provides storage of up to 15,000 t of cargo at a time and handling 12 wagons a day.

There are the following loading schemes:

  • mineral carriers (grain carriers) – packing into 50 kg (or other) polypropylene bags with polyethylene inserts – conveyer – warehouse – ship;
  • covered wagon – warehouse – ship;
  • direct variant.

Railway lines approach the berths from two sides.

Passenger Terminal

Kherson River Port has a river passenger terminal.

It can receive passenger ships up to 700 people capacity.

Passenger transportation (mainly on local lines) lasts from March 18 till November 10, during which period 20 ships enter the port daily.

There are 8 berths of 60 m long each. The depth at berths walls is 4 m. 13 vessels are servicing14 passenger lines (formerly, there were 50 vessels operative).

Storage Facilities

Open storage area of Kherson River Port totals 9,500 sq. m, sheltered warehouse area totals 2,500 sq. m.


Kherson River Port also has:

  • floating cranes of 16 t l/c – 2 units, 5 t l/c – 2 units;
  • automobile crane of 25 t l/c – 1 unit.

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