Kiev River Port

Scheme of Kiev River Port


JS Kiev River Port
70, Verkhniy Val Str., Kiev, 04070, Ukraine.
Contacts and phones of Kiev River Port
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Operator on Duty +380-44-4252466
Acting Deputy Board Chairman +380-44-4252466
Reception Office +380-44-4252455
Deputy Board Chairman on Operation +380-44-4251341
Head of Navigational Safety Department +380-44-4253261
Head of Commercial Department +380-44-459401
Head of Leasing Department +380-44-4288697
Chief Accountant +380-44-4254386
Chief Engineer +380-44-4251583
Manager of Cargo Area No. 2 +380-44-4171749, 4288693
Manager of Cargo Area No. 3 +380-44-4636403


Kiev is the capital of Ukraine, as well as its industrial, cultural and administrative center. The Dnepr River runs through the city's territory.

Kiev River Port is situated on the right bank of the Dnepr. It was founded in 1897 and, in those times, it handled mainly grain, salt, timber and industrial products. After construction of power stations on the Dnepr the port could receive large ships and practically turned into a transit port, handling cargoes from throughout the Dnepr basin.

Cargoes from large ships were transferred to river vessels navigating the shallow waters of the Dnepr and the Desna and vice-versa. At this time, so much coal was being transferred from the Donbass region that its local railway could not manage it, so the coal was transported by vessels from the port of Dnepropetrovsk to Kiev where it was transshipped into rail wagons for further shipment all over the Ukraine.

The Port of Kiev was also the main handler of Ukrainian grain, for which a number of large elevators were built near the port. The port's turnover also included a great deal of building materials. Nowadays the port handles mainly scrap metal, sand and crushed stone. The port's warehousing is well developed.

Nearest Ports

  • Port Cherkassy is 202 km down the Dnepr;
  • Port Kremenchug is 317 km down the Dnepr;
  • Port Chernigov is 214 km up the Dnepr and Desna Rivers.

Radio Contact

VHF radio station Kama-S operates in port:

  • name of subscriber – Port Оperator on Duty;
  • calling channel – 5.


General Information

Kiev River Port is situated 822 km from the Dneprmouth. Navigable period: March 25 to December 1.

Navigational Conditions

The Port of Kiev can receive vessels of up to 130 m in length, and up to 3.2 m draft. Ships' arrival and departure is regulated by the Port Operator. When visibility is limited to less than 1 km, ship navigation in port waters is prohibited.

Tug Assistance

At Kiev River Port stig assistance should be arranged by request of a shipmaster.


The roadstead of cargo area no. 3. This anchorage is for vessels waiting to be handled at berths. Up to four ships can be moored parallel to the coast line.


At Kiev River Port the vessels can be supplied with fuel and potable water.


Kiev River Port specializes in mining and handling of sand, crushed stone and other building materials for local needs. The port also land for lease the open yards and sheltered warehouses, which are located on its territory.

Port Facilities

Although the port has three cargo areas, only two are used at present: area No. 2 for general cargoes and area No. 3 for bulk cargoes. The access railway lines connect the cargo areas with the Kiev-Petrovka Railway station.

The port has its passenger and cargo berths in Kiev, Pereyaslav-Khmelnitskiy and Rzhishchev. Self-propelled and non-self propelled vessels with their capacities of 2,700 and 2,100 t respectively can be accommodated there.

Berth of Kiev River Port
Name of berth Length (m)
Passenger terminal Nos. 6–14 597.35

General Cargo Area No. 2

This area Kiev River Port specializes in handling of packaged cargoes, dry-bulk cargoes, containers, cargo on trays and pallets, grain and scrap metal.

The area has the open storage yards covering the total space of 41,690 sq. m, the berthing line amounts to 864 m, incl. 391 m of the quartzite berth. There are sheltered warehouses totaling 8,416.2 sq. m. The berths are equipped with gantries of 5, 10, 16 and 20 t l/c.

Bulk Cargo Area No. 3

This of Kiev River Port area specializes in handling of bulk cargoes, such as: sand, crushed stone, coal, blast furnace slag, etc. It has the berthing line totaling 615 m in length. There they can handle self-propelled vessels of up to 1,800 t capacity, and non-self propelled vessels of up to 2,100 t capacity.

Port gantry cranes (l/c 10–20 t) are on the area's front line. Staleva Volia lift trucks (l/c 6 t) are used for loading motor vehicles. Open yards total 73,664.2 sq. m; sheltered warehouses – 347.2 sq. m.

Additional Services

Port of Kiev provides storage yards and warehouses for keeping all types of cargo including motor vehicles and rail wagons.


The port has:

  • automobile crane Ivanovets, 6 t l/c;
  • lift trucks of various types: type 4945, 5 t l/c; Toyota, 1.5 t l/c; Nissan, 1.5 t l/c; Detvan, 2.5 t l/c – 1 unit; Staleva Volia, 6 t l/c;
  • bulldozers: T-130,; Tyred MTZ-80, MTZ-82, T-42, Т-40АМ;
  • hydrosand lift truck GPP;
  • floating mounted loader PGMP.
Cranes Technical Specification
Quantity Lifting capacity (t) Outreach (m) Outreach beyound berth line (m)
grade hook
Floating cranes
1 5 5 8.5 30
3 5 5 9 30
1 16 16 10 30
2 16 16 9 30
Gantry cranes
2 5 5 7.25 25
2 5/6 5/6 10.5 30
3 10 10 8 30
1 20 8 30
11 10 20 8 32

Passenger Terminal

Kiev River Port has a passenger terminal that operates passenger transportation on local lines.

There is also a servicing depot for maintenance of non-self propelled fleet STO-1 pr. 616A and a biological treatment plant SBO-1.