Kremenchug River Port

Scheme of Kremenchug River Port


JS Kremenchug River Port
2, Flotskaya Str., Kremenchug, Poltava Region, 39630, Ukraine.
Contacts and Phones of Kremenchug River Port
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Reception +380-5366-23252, fax 23141
Director General +380-5366-24142
1-st Deputy Director +380-5366-23060
Commercial and Finance Deputy Director +380-5366-793551
Cargo Director +380-5366-24400
Operation of Fleet Director +380-5366-23241
Chief Engineer +380-5366-22308
Chief Accountant +380-5366-34024
Commercial Department +380-5366-34034
Port Operator +380-5366-23241


Kremenchug is a town in Poltava Region. It was founded in 1571.

Machine-building, metal processing, oil refineries, food processing and other industries are well developed in Kremenchug.

Kremenchug River Port was founded in 1823.

Today JC Kremenchug River Port is a specialized transport enterprise that is fitted out with all types of machines and equipment, which enable to render the entire complex of services on handling and transport of cargoes, as well as on production and sale of concretes and concrete mix.

At present, the port is equipped with powerful material base including fleet, cargo area, dock, a module for mixing of concrete and ships repair shops.

Kremenchug River Port provides the neighboring industrial regions with transportations, handling and storage of different cargoes like steel products, mineral building and general cargo, equipment, boxes and packages, timber. The port carries out dredging works, sales river sand, concrete, provides ship repair, docking, supplying and bunkering of vessels.

River transportations by port tugs are carried out with the stream up to the port of Chernobyl and down the stream to the port of Kherson.

Via the port of Kremenchug industrial-agricultural companies of the near Dnepr region can get various cargos from the ports of the Dnepr, the Black and Mediterranean seas and export their own products in European market.

Nearest ports: Cherkassy River Port - 114 km upstream, Dneprodzerdzhinsk River Port - 112 km downstream.


General Information

Kremenchug River Port is situated 544 km up the Dnepr mouth.

Navigational Information

Kremenchug River Port is open to vessels of any flag during the navigable period, from April to November. The port admits vessels of max. 120 m length, and max. 3.5 m draft.

Vessels must have all standard documents and be seaworthy.


Pilotage is compulsory for entering/leaving port and for moving a vessel from the roads to a berth and back.


Kremenchug River Port supplies potable water to vessels and provides bilge/waste water and garbage collection.

The port has tugs to carry out mooring operations.

The port rents berths for ships to lay at.


There is a modern repair shop in the port that enables to make repairs of ships and ships' equipment not only of its own fleet but the ships of other bases of the Middle Dnepr. Repair base comprises:

  • ship's repair sites;
  • the floating dock to lift and repair self- and non-self propelled vessels of up to 70 m long, up to 12 m wide and up to 800 t of dock weight;
  • dock-pontoon of 320 t l/c to lift aft side of the ships of up to 85 m long is designed to repair propeller-rudder group. The dock-pontoon enables to carry out complete docking of ships of up to 25 m long.


Kremenchug River Port specializes in loading/unloading operations, separation, locking and unlocking of cargoes transported by water, road and railway transport means.

They also offer dry cleaning of vessels after unloading, handling of cargoes from/to water transport and storage operations.

There are sheltered warehouses covering the area of 1,063 sq. m and open yards totaling 30,600 sq. m in the port to store handled cargo.


Kremenchug River Port's total area comprises 21.4 ha.

The port's cargo handling waterfront totals 608 m.

To handle vessels lying anchored in the roads or at non-equipped berths, there is a floating crane of 5 t l/c.

The total port throughput capacity is up to 5 millin t of cargo a year.

Cranes Technical Specification
Name Quantity Lifting capacity (t) Qutreach (m)
Ganz 1 5/6 32
Kirovets 2 10/20 30/16
Kirovets 1 10/12 30
Kirovets 2 5 30/16
Albrecht 1 10/20 32/16
Takraff 1 10/20 32/16
Floating crane KPL-111 1 5 30
Kremenchug River Port's Fleet
Name, type Quantity Power (hp)
M/v pusher tug, design 570 5 300
Icebreaking tug 1 300
Icebreaking tug 1 600
Non-self propelled fleet l/c 700–2,000 t 13  
Auxiliary fleet    
OS-17, design 354K 1 150
Groza 1 150
Inder 1 300

Additional services

Kremenchug River Port provides forwarding and transport services, renders cargo storage services and can provide the entire complex of cargo documentation.


Mechanical facilities of cargo handling complex in the port of Kremenchug include:

  • lift truck Nissan of 4t l/c;
  • fork lift of 5t l/c;
  • jib truck lift of 5t l/c;
  • truck crane of 14t l/c;
  • caterpillar crane RDK25 of 25t l/c;
  • clearing tractor МТZ80, 75hp.;
  • bulldozers of 170 hp. – 2 units;
  • excavator of 100 l/c with bucket capacity of 0,65 cu. m;
  • gantry cranes of 5–20 t l/c;
  • floating crane of 5 t l/c;
  • traveling gantry cranes of 10–32 t l/c;
  • hydraulic sand loader with capacity of 450 cu. m/h.