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Dear Hrant,
F.S. Mackenzie-Ukraine – is a private company and they have their own tariffs. You can try to bargain with them to reduce their price.
As far as we understand, you have a contract (charter party) with ‘AMASS Shipping Company’ for delivery of your cargo from Shanghai (China) to Yerevan (Armenia) during 40 days. In such a case, this contract must clearly state the price for that delivery. So, if ‘AMASS Shipping Company’ faced with some additional charges while the shipment – that is their problem, especially if such kind of charges arise due to their mistakes.
If ‘AMASS’ refuse to pay the above additional charges, we afraid, that in such case, you should cover it in order do not spend a time and money therefore. After that, you can claim them for appropriate amount to be compensated.