Izmail Sea Port


Izmail Merchant Sea Port
7, Portovaya Str., Izmail, 68600, Ukraine.
Izmail Sea Port on Map Scheme of Izmail Sea Port
Contacts and Phones of Izmail Merchant Sea Port
Reception +380-4841-25601
Director General +380-4841-25601, 90437
Harbour Master +380-4841-26261, 90472
Operation Port Director +380-4841-25679
Chief Engineer +380-4841-25701
Chief of Commercial Department +380-4841-90459, fax 26195
Head of Personnel Management +380-4841-90865
Chief Accountant +380-4841-90371, 26103
Marketing, Logistic, Foreing Affairs Department +380-4841-25469
Operator on Duty +380-4841-90697, fax 22574
Chief Operator +380-4841-90477, fax 90719
Port State Control (PSC) +380-4841-90474
Fire Department +380-4841-90524
Information Desk +380-4841-90807
Customнouse +380-4841-22331, fax 25021
Phytosanitary Department +380-4841-20256, 90653
Veterinary Control Department +380-4841-21378, 99057


Izmail, a city in Odessa region, is situated in the Kiliya mouth of the Danube River, 93 km off the Black Sea.

Izmail is favourably situated at a junction of trade routes connecting countries of Central and Northern Europe with those of the Black and Mediterranean Seas. It is known that as soon as the city of Izmail was established in 1810, foreign merchant vessels began calling at its harbour. Nowadays, the enterprises of Izmail are mostly connected with the shipping business.

There are several educational establishments in Izmail. The city's population is over 80,000 people.

Izmail Sea Port is one of the most modern and highly mechanized port on the Danube River. The most important development period for Izmail Port was between 1968 and 1992, when handling complexes for general cargoes, bulk cargoes and containers were built. The railway station of Izmail-Port Novy, connected with inland port railways, started operation in 1972.


General Information

Position of Izmail Port: Latitude 45°20′N; Longitude 28°51′E.

The border of Port Izmail goes along the left bank of the Kiliya mouth of the Danube River between 84.6-85.6 km, 90-91 km, 92-94 km, and 500 m towards the city zone.

Port waters include the water area in the Kiliya mouth of the Danube River, from 78 up to 96 km counting from the left bank, up to the conventional line of the Ukrainian border, which passes along the Danube fairway.

The ground in this water area is sand and partly mud. The climate is moderate continental with a short, warm winter, and a long, hot summer. Northerly winds prevail up to 30 % of the year. Northwesterly winds are observed in winter. Cold, dry weather is usual, when northerly winds blow. In winter snowfalls and snowstorms, with prevailing northeasterly winds are observed 3-6 times per month. The average annual number of days with reduced visibility (generally from November till February) amounts to 53 days.

The mean height of winter floods on the leading line of the water level measuring post in Port Izmail is +2.2 m and the highest point is +3.3 m. In January and February, there can be a rise in water level and flooding due to ice jam at the 90 km mark. Spring floods start in February - March, and last until June. The mean height of spring floods is +3 m and the highest point is +4.2 m In September - October the water level height reaches its lowest point.

The freezing of Kiliya mouth usually is observed from middle of December to early January. Average duration of ice period is 40 days. During mild winters the ice thickness does not exceed 35 cm; while in severe winters it increases up to 60 cm and in the most severe winters reaches 72 cm.

The duration of spring ice drifting is very short and over several days at the end of March the river becomes free of ice. Thus, the average annual navigable period through Kiliya mouth is 317 days.

Entering and Leaving Izmail Port

Ships may enter and leave Izmail Port and navigate through the Danube Kiliya mouth twenty four hours a day.

Ship's master or agent shall advise of vessel's ETA 72, 48, 24 and 4 hours prior arrival to inform of the ship's name, date of arrival and cargoes (if loaded).

In order to obtain permission to proceed in this water area and to ascertain of mooring or anchorage places or transit passage, all sea and river ships, when approaching the water area, shall contact the Duty Pilot-Operator of Vessel Traffic Service (VTS) by VHF channel No.14, call sign Izmail-radio-17. They must also notify the Duty Operator of State Port Control Inspection (SPCI) on channel 9, call sign Radio-2.

Inward formalities are provided twenty four hours a day. Outward formalities are carried out by State Port Control Inspection 24 hours a day, outward going permission is valid within 24 hours.

Navigational Conditions

When navigating in Izmail Port water area, all ships, except hydrofoil vessels, shall not exceed 6 km/h when proceeding upstream and no more than 12 km/h going downstream.

Ship traffic in the water area is controlled. The regulated zone of ship traffic is fixed from the 78-th km to 100-th km point of the Danube's Kiliya mouth. All transport ships, port tugs and hydrofoil vessels shall pass by the main fairway. Small tonnage vessels with a capacity of 200 GRT or less shall keep within 150 m off the left bank while sailing in these waters.

Entrance to the backwater (at the 90-th km mark) and exit, as well as passage from the 88-th km to the 91-st km mark, are regulated by VTS Pilot Operator.

Overtaking is prohibited for all vessels in the water area, with the exception of hydrofoil vessels only.

Navigation in these waters under conditions of fog, snowfall, heavy shower and similar complicated weather conditions, restricting visibility, is possible only with the permission of the Harbour Master or SPCI Chief and VTS Pilot-Operator and in agreement with the shipmaster.


Pilotage is compulsory for all seagoing ships in Ukrainian part of the Danube River. Under favourable weather conditions pilotage is provided 24 hours a day.

The shipmaster must order a pilot through Port Izmail's Harbour Master 24 hours prior to arrival and confirm this order 4 hours prior to approaching the port.

Tug Assistance

Tug masters can carry out towage, as well as assist maneuvering operations at a port berth with two barge units of type UDP-1102, UDP type lighter and UDP-1501 type bargesections. All operations involving two units may be only carried out during daytime under favorable weather conditions.

Towage of barge sections from Izmail to Vilkovo roadstead in upor downstream traffic can involve not more than three units of UDP-1501 or UDP-1101 type barges, and not more than two units of UDP-C1 or UDP-1701 type barges.

The dimensions of barge sections towed downstream should not exceed 140 m in length and 35 m in width and those towed upstream - no more than 220 m in length and 35 m.


Izmail Port has 14 anchorage areas at its disposal:

  • area No. 1 is situated between 96.2 and 95.7 km, 50 km off the left bank and is intended for customs examination of river and seagoing ships;
  • area No. 2, between 91.9 and 91.2 km, is intended for anchorage of barges belonging to the countries of the Danube river basin;
  • area No. 3, between 86.7 and 87.7 km, is intended for anchorage of seagoing transport ships. In this area, on the left bank, there are riverside marks (1 m, 2 m, 3 m, 4 m, 5 m) indicating anchorage places;
  • area No. 4, between 86.4 and 85.6 km, is intended for anchorage of incoming barges;
  • area No. 5, between 85.1 and 86.8 km, is intended for anchorage of UKRRECHFLOT ships;
  • area No. 6, between 85.1 and 84.6 km, is intended for ships of the port's bunkering station;
  • area No. 7, between 84.6 and 83 km, is intended for anchorage of barges arriving from the Danube river ports and from sea ports;
  • area No. 8, between 83 and 82 km, is intended for anchorage of tented barges;
  • area No. 9, between 81 and 80 km, is intended for barges in lay up and lighters;
  • area No. 10, between 80 and 79.5 km, is intended for quarantine anchorage of seagoing and river ships;
  • area No. 11, between 79 and 76.5 km, is intended for anchorage of transit ships - but for not longer than 24 hours;
  • area No. 12, between 78.5 and 78 km, is intended for sea and river tankers. Loaded tankers and tankers in ballast shall lie at anchor farther downstream than non-self-propelled ships. The distance between ships should be 200 m;
  • area No. 13, between 82 and 81 km, is intended for anchoring ships of all companies;
  • area No. 14, between 85 and 82 km, is intended for laid up ships of JS Ukrainian Danube Shipping Co.

Policy on Staying in Izmail Port

Mooring of ships, port fleet boats, small size ships and other vessels at cargo berths without Izmail Port Operator's on Duty permission is prohibited.

In the port there are road launches providing connection between shore and ship. These launches run on schedule.

Any change of anchorage of seagoing ships and river tugs is only possible with VTS and SPCI permission.

Changing the anchorage of foreign ships is only permitted with Border Authorities' permission and is controlled by VTS and SPCI.

Simultaneous mooring/unmooring of two or more ships at closely adjacent berths is prohibited.

Ship mooring at a berth between two lying vessels is prohibited if these ships are moored by more than one hull. Lying of barges and lighters at berth by more than two hulls is prohibited.


Izmail Port bunkering station located at 85 km mark of the Danube provides bunkering with fuel and combustible and lubricating materials for ships of various companies. Diesel fuel is discharged from railway tanks directly into floating units.

It also has a residual fuel oil reservoir with capacity up to 50 cu. m., petrol storage tank, oil sludge collecting tanks (vertical and horizon-tal), oil slop tank, and oil waste tank; as well as an SBO-5 type bilge treatment station. Ships bilge and sewage water can be collected and discharged directly from ships.


Izmail Port can accommodate vessels of no more than 150 m length having width up to 30 m and draught - 7 m. The draught of vessels calling at the port is limited by the depths of the Sulina channel or the channel in the Ukrainian sector of the Danube.

Izmail Port is fitted out with modern facilities and equipment that allow handling bulk freights, boxes and packages, containerized cargoes.

Izmail Port Daily Capacity
Cargo Volume (t) Wagons
Pellets 5712 84
Sintered ore 2448 36
Iron ore concentrate 1632 24
Coal, coke 3672 54
Grain 4080 60
Steel and rolled steel 5304 78
Boxes / packages 3264 48
Chemical and cargoes pertaining to national economy 2176 32
Containers 2176 32
Cargo Handling Rates in Izmail Port
Cargo Handling technology scheme Kind of operation Rate (t/ship/day) Max. Rate (t/ship/day)
Ore direct handling, hold – warehouse, warehouse – hold loading / discharging 4000 4000
Coal, coke direct handling, hold – warehouse, warehouse – hold loading / discharging 3000 3000
Grain direct handling, hold – warehouse, warehouse – hold loading / discharging 1800 / 1000 1800 / 1000
Steel and rolled stell direct handling, hold – warehouse, warehouse – hold loading / discharging 1200 1200
Steel scrap direct handling, hold – warehouse, warehouse – hold loading / discharging 600 600
Paper direct handling, hold – warehouse, warehouse – hold loading / discharging 800 800
Containers direct handling, hold – warehouse, warehouse – hold loading / discharging 120 (pcs./day) 120 (pcs/day)
Izmail Port's Fleet
Name Quantity Power (hp)

Carriage Capacity (t)

Passanger Capacity

Alma-Aty, Smolensk 2 2x1470
Moskovsky-8 1 2x242
Moskovsky-10 1 2x170
Port 3 2x250
Port 2 2x303
Buyalyk 1 2x220
Izmailets,Ochakov 2 2x330
Dry-cargo ships 1 160 252
Dry Cargo Ships
Kashira 1 166 290
Pilot 2 220 7
Rumb 1 2x220 12
Meridian 2 166 12
Truzhenik 1 176 12
Yuniy Moriak 2 110 50
Floating Cranes
SPK-10 2 1x425/430 16
PK-204 1 485 16
Special Purpose Ships
Carrier-2 1 166 298
Carrier-6 1 100 27
PSOY 1 220 284
PK-2 (fire boat) 1 165 20
SBO-5 1 592
IP-T 8 1100
BIP-01 1 1157
LIP-01 2 1052
SIP-1 2 1778
IP-SL-03 1 1999.40
B-1308 2 1000
Izmail port Izmail port


The territory of Izmail Port comprises 24 berths which extend for 2,619 m. The depths of the berths are from 3.5 m to 7.5 m.

The port is divided into three cargo handling terminals.

Terminal No. 1

Berths Nos. 1-8. They handle mostly packaged cargoes in bags, equipment, agricultural machines, metals, packed cargoes and grain there. Operation capacity totals 1,205,000 t a year.

Terminal No. 2

Berths Nos. 19-22. It is intended for handling bulk cargoes: ore, coal, coke, concentrates, iron ore, pellets, metal products, grain and containers. Operation capacity totals 5,400,000 t a year.

Terminal No. 3

Berths Nos. 16-18, 23-26 handle bulk and general cargoes: equipment, coal, metal, ore, and grain.

Storage Facilities

Izmail Port has at its disposal 8 sheltered warehouses having total area of 19,700 sq. m. Open cargo storage area is 201,100 sq. m.


53 gantry cranes of up to 40 t capacity are installed on the port berths. They are of Albatros, Albrekht, Ganz, Kondor and Sokol types. All cranes are located on the border and at the rear of the berths. There are three floating Ganz cranes with lifting capacity up to 16 t.

Izmail Port has 100 truck lifts of different design, made by domestic and foreign manufacturers with lifting capacity from 1.5 to 25 t. There are also 6 automobile and caterpillar cranes of 6.3- 50 t capacity.


Flat Rates for handling export and transit cargo in Izmail Merchant Sea Port
No, Flat Rate Group Cargo Export/Import Cargo (USD/t) Transit Cargo (USD/t)
1, exceptional rate grain and seeds: loading in bulk, discharging from special wagons 5,4 7,2
2 grain and seeds: discharging in bulk 5,2 5,8
3, exceptional rate Salt, raw sugar in bulk 5,4 4,1
4 Ore in bulk 5,8 4,0
4, exceptional rate Sinter ore, pellets, concentrate 3,7 5,3 (pellets)
5 Coal, shale, batch, peat in bulk 3,8 3,1
6 Coke in bulk 5,1 3,7
7 Sand in bulk 2,1 1,9
8 Other bulk cargo 5,4 4,1
9 Chemical products 7,0 5,9
10 Cargo in bags till 30 kg 19,6 14,3
11 Cargo in bags over 30 kg 18,8 14,2
12 Bananas, citrus, fruits and vegetables and other lightweight volume, requiring careful transportation, cargo in boxes, bags, boxes 23,7 16,5
13 Cargoes in boxes and without packge till 250 kg 25,3 18,2
14 Cargoes in boxes and without packge over 251 kg till 3000 kg 23,7 18,1
15 Cargoes in boxes and without packge over 3001 kg 21,4 14,9
16 Cargo in bales till 250 kg 24,9 19,2
17 Cargo in bales over 250 kg 21,7 16,9
18 Paper, paperboard in rolls till 500 kg 17,7 11,6
19 Paper, paperboard in rolls over 500 kg 16,5 11,2
20 Freight cate-cask till 80 kg 17,7 12,3
21 Freight cate-cask over 80 kg 16,8 11,8
22 Unitized, packet 12,3 9,6
23 Pig iron 7,3 7,1
24 Non-ferrous metals in pigs, ingots, bars, metal products in packs, sheets, circles (up to 250 kg) 13,6 13,9
25 Non-ferrous metals in pigs, ingots, bars, metal products in packs, sheets, circles (over 250 kg) 12,4 11,7
26 Black metal in pigs, ingots, bars, packs, circles, steel plates, tubes, rods, beams, channels, etc.) 8,6
Steel plates unpackaged 9,6
Pipes 10,5
Wire rods 9,2
Slab, billet, rebar, rolled steel 8,4
Steel coils in bundles and packages 8,7
Ferroalloys in bulk and pigs 9,3 9,8
Ferroalloys in bulk not in pigs 8,0 8,5
Ferrous and non-ferrous metals in bulk 12,4 11,7
Лес круглый 12,4 9,3
Timber 14,5 14,4
Other products of wood industry 14,5 12,0
20’ containers (USD/pc) 161,4 117,9
40’ containers (USD/pc) 190,5 139,9

Fee for storage of goods, which is charged from the date of the expiration of technological storage period (4 days).

Bulk and General Cargos (USD/t/day)
From 5-th till 30-th day From 31-st till 60-th day From 61-st till 120-th day From 121-st day
Open Storage
Bulk cargo 0,026 0,031 0,38
General cargo 0,07 0,084 0,6
Rolled steel products, pig iron, ferroalloys, steel scrap 0,05
Indoor Storage 0,06 0,073

Charges for technological storage of cargo at port's warehouses are included in flat rate.

Fee for technological storage of containers during 1 day from arrival to port does not charge. On expiration of 1 day the fee is charged for every container in accordance to tariffs regardless of the type and quantity of goods contained therein.

Containers (USD/1 pc/day)
Pay Term Storage Loaded Container (t, ft) Empty Container (t, ft)
20' 40' 20' 40'
For each day of storage during 30 days (after 1 day free storage) 0,2 0,4 0,093 0,15
For each next day 1,0 2,0 0,47 0,75

Additional Costs That are Paid by Customer at Port.

Cleaning of wagons – 0,417 USD/t

Shunting at port's railway routes – 1,15 UAH/t

Scraping of gondolas after discharging of:

  • polluting cargos – 2,67 UAH/t;
  • bulk cargos – 2,22 UAH/t;
  • pig iron and steel scrap – 1,88 UAH/t.

Scraping of warehouses and Port's areas after polluting cargos – 0,45 UAH/t.

Information service – 0,05 UAH/t.

Issuing of cargo documents for:

  • bulk cargo – 0,15 (USD/t);
  • general cargo – 0,25 (USD/t).