Theodosia Sea Port


Феодосийский морской торговый порт
Ул. Горького 14, Феодосия, Крым, 98100, Украина.
Theodosia Merchant Sea Port on Map Scheme of Theodosia Merchant Sea Port
Contacts and Phones of Theodosia Sea Port
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Reception Desk +380-6562-30960
General Director +380-6562-30960, телефон/факс 31267
Chief Engineer +380-6562-31260
Deputy of General Director +380-6562-33083
Deputy of General Director on Economics and Foreign Relations +380-6562-57130
Deputy of General Director on Legal Affairs +380-6562-57131
Head of Commercial department +380-6562-31258
Head of Marketing and Logistics +380-6562-32438
Dispatcher on Duty +380-6562-30955
Cief Dispatcher +380-6562-30955
Harbor Master +380-6562-30506
Port State Control (PSC) +380-6562-30506
Head Petroarea +380-6562-31257
Customs +380-6562-37011
Sanitary-Quarantine department +380-6562-34347
Veterinary Control Department +380-6562-37777
'Theodosia' railway station +380-6562-33162
'Azovskaya' railway station +380-6562-31291, 35107


Theodosia Merchant Sea Pport
14, Gorky Str., Theodosia, Crimea, 98100, Ukraine.


Theodosia is an administrative, industrial and resort center in southeastern Crimea (Ukraine), with a population of 100,000 people. The city is situated on the western shore of Theodosia Gulf and slopes of Tepe-Oba Mountain. The city is well-known for its mineral water springs and healing mud from Lake Adjigol.

Theodosia is a universal merchant port. Historical reports about the city and port date back to the Cimmerian Bosporus in the 6-th century BC. After the Crimea was annexed to Russia the city was granted the status of 'portofranco' for 12 years as of 1798. In the late 19th century the necessity to build a new port became evident. It had been constructed from 1892 till 1895.

Time passing, the port developed, and now it is capable to handle up to 40 types of various cargoes. The port is well equipped with machinery, has a widely branched network of railways. The port has been open to foreign flag vessels since 1992.

The nearest ports are Kerch – 110 km away and Yalta – 200 km away.

General Information

The port is situated in the western part of Theodosia Gulf of the Black Sea. The port is open to ships all year round. The gulf depths are up to 24 m. Port's water area comprises waters allotted for the port. It includes water areas of the inner roadstead, road oil berths, anchorages Nos. 400 and 401, guarded areas adjoining port points Koktebel, Krymskoe Primorye, the pier of Zolotoy Plyazh and the passenger pier in the mouth of the Baybuga river.

The outer roadstead's depths are 17-20 m, its ground is oozy and holds anchors well.

The port water area at Shirokiy mole and Desantnikov embankment is not sheltered from winds and rough seas coming from the northeasterly quarter of the horizon.

Water areas in the mouth of the Baybuga river and those near the oil piers located at Theodosia oil handling terminal are not sheltered from southerly winds (SE, S, SW).

Entering and Leaving Port

The ship's ETA in Theodosia Port should be submitted by the shipowner, freighter or shipmaster 10 days in advance and confirmed 72, 24 and 4 hours before the ship's arrival. The information should also contain the following data:

  • shipowner's and freighter's names;
  • time of arrival at receiving buoy;
  • ship's draft, cargo plan, list of all ship documents available;
  • fuel and water needs;
  • etc.

Any delay the ship suffers, which may cause late arrival, should be reported to the port by the shipmaster immediately. In any case of missing or wrong information, 24 hours will be added to the ship's lay time.

The departure procedure is carried out by SPCI.

Navigational Conditions

The port receives cargo vessels at Shirokiy mole berths. Berth No. 1 of 148 m length and the reconstructed part of berth No. 2 of 86.25 m length enable accommodation of vessels of 190 m length and 10.7 m draft. It is possible to accommodate vessels having no more than 5.8 m draft at the non-reconstructed part of berth No. 2, at berth No. 3 - vessels having 7.1 m draft and up to 152 m length.

Berth No. 14 can take ships of up to 135 m. in length and less than 6.2 m. draft.

If agreed in advance, the port can handle ships with the draft exceeding 10.7 м, finally loaded in the roadstead (area 400) by the floating crane Theodosiets and cargo lighters.

Port accommodates oil tankers of up to 115,000 DWT with the draft less than 12.5 m. at Northern roadstead berth, vessels of up to 80,000 DWT with the draft of up to 11.5 m. - at Southern one. Berth No. 15 can accommodate passenger vessels of up to 150 m length with the draft of up to 5.2 m. anchoring with the stern at the berth.


Pilotage in the port's inner and outer roadsteads is compulsory for all vessels except Ukrainian vessels of less than 500 GRT. Pilotage in port area is available 24 hours a day. Foreign flag vessels should meet a pilot at pilots' station.

Position: Latitude 45°04'N, Longitude 35°30'E.

Tug Assistance

When mooring, all ships above 500 GRT should be assisted by port tugs: Atlant, 656 hp., BrizYug, 3,523 hp., Entuziast, 1,600 hp., Priboy, 225 hp.

Policy on Staying in Port

The main anchorage place for ships in the outer roads is anchorage No. 401 where there are 13 different anchoring grounds, as follows:

  • Nos. 1-6 for ships up to 125 m in length;
  • Nos. 7-13 for ships up to 210 m in length.

Anchorage location by bearing and distance from the front transit lighthouse, situated at the end of Zaschitniy mole see in table.

Loacation of Anchorage Points of Theodosia Sea Port
No. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
Bearing 36 47 39 48 42 51 46.5 52.5 48.5 53 48
Distance 9.8 10.1 11.7 12.2 14.0 18.7 21.2 23.1 25.7 27.6 29.1

The Duty Master of SPCI via Traffic Control Service is in charge of ships' placement in the outer roads and inside the port water area.

Port Operator on Duty are in charge of ships' placement at berths and berth constructions.


Shipmasters of vessels being handled in port can order the following repair and service: lathe work, milling and pipe work; hull repair; check of dielectric protection devices; battery charging and repair; charging and repair of refrigeration plants.


Theodosia is the second port in Ukraine by the volumes of crude oil and petroleum products handled. The port can handle up to 11 million t of cargo a year, the number includes 1.5 million t of dry cargo.

There is a possibility for further loading on the roadstead by lighters, ship's cranes or floating cranes.

The port is equipped with modern facilities and cargo handling machinery and devices for handling all year round the following cargoes:

  • metal rolled stock - up to 500,000 t;
  • mineral fertilizers - up to 100,000 t;
  • clay - up to 1 million t.
Theodosia Port's Berths Specialization
Cargo Berth No. Length (m) Depth (m) Open Storage Areas Sheltered warehouses
m2 t m2 t
Bulk, metal, grain, fertilizers 1 148,00 11,32 5301,4 28051,40 2620,00 8300,00
Bulk (after reconstruction) 2 86,25 11,32 3068,2 16448,60 660,00 2600,00
Bulk (non-reconstructed part) 2 57,95 5,80 2557,5 10200,00 - -
Bulk 3 149,00 7,25 3657 15500,00 - -
Scrap metal, fertilizers, metal, grain 14 165,00 6,50 1267,9 13500,00 - -
Cargo-passenger 15 65,00 5,60 4720,0 - - -
Theodosia Port Daily Capacity
Cargo Quantity (t) Wagons (unit)
Steel Products 3000,00 45
Liquid cargoes 27400,00 -
Building materials 3500,00 50
Mineral fertilizers in bags 300,00 5

Port Facilities

The port land territory covers 13.44 hectares.

There are 2 cargo areas in the port. One is designed to handle dry cargoes, the other handles oil and petroleum products.

Cargo operations with dry cargo vessels are done at berths Nos.1, 2, 3, 14 and 15, equipped with port cranes and railway access lines.

Powerful floating crane Feodosiets of lifting capacity of 150 t on hook operation enables transferring of heavy lifts.

On grab operation with l/c of 32 t. it can handle all kinds of bulk and dry products at a high rate including road operation, when cargo is delivered by 8 lighters of carrying capacity of 1,080 t each and having airtight hatch covers.

General and bulk cargoes are handled at these berths.

There is a site to receive containers.

Passenger operations are carried out at berth No. 15.

The port has two oil berths in the roadstead.

The northern berth with depths up to 13.5 m, can accommodate tankers of 115,000 DWT with draft up to 12.5 m. The southern berth can take tankers up to 80,000 DWT with draft up to 11.5 m.

Both berths provide handling of crude oil and light petroleum products. They can both work simultaneously but in different direction. Loading/ discharge operation rate is 2,500 t per hour in Summer time. Monthly handling of liquid cargo is about 800,000 t.

To handle dry-bulk cargo (grain, fertilizers), transported in hopper cars or mineral carriers, the port has two special all-welded metal lower receiving hoppers for bulk cargo, their capacity is 90 and 120 cu. m.

Their usage largely increases the loading rate of bulk cargoes.

Storage Facilities

The Port has sheltered warehouses (total area 3,280 sq. m.) and open storage yards (total area 19,304 sq. m.).

Cargo Handling Rate of Theodosia Port (t/day)
Cargo Loading, direct variant Doscharging, direct varian Rate Max. Rate
Steel Products 3000 3000 3000 5000
Clay and other bulk cargoes 4000 4000 4000 10000
General (packaged) 1000 1200 1050 1500
General (non-packaged) 600 60 600 800


This includes:

  • caterpillar and automobile cranes of 10-25 t lifting capacity;
  • lift trucks of 1.5-25 t l/c.
Cranes' Technical Specifications
Name, type Quantity Lifting Capacity (t) Outreach (m)
grab hook
Ganz, gantry 6 5 6 30,00
Albatros, gantry 6 10 20 32,00
Kirovets, gantry 2 16 20 32,00
Sokol, gantry 4 16 32 32,00
Feodosiyets, floating crane 1 32 150 20-36,50
Theodosia Port's Fleet
Name, type Quantity Power (hp) Carrying Capacity (t) Passenger capacity
Entusiast, tug 1 2 x 800 8,00
Entusiast, tug 1 2 x 1877 12
Atlant 1 2 x 328
I. Kozhukhar, passenger 1 1 x 1100, 2 x 150 20,60 250
Y. Garnaiev, passenger 1 1 x 1100, 2 x 150 21,00 189
Vodoley-10 1 80 800,00
PS-386, bilge waters collector 1 225 430,00
Ivan Golubets, passenger 1 220 3,00 54
Ivan Poddubniy, passenger 1 220 3,00 90
Priboy, tug 1 225 1,00
FMTP-1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 1 1085,00

Additional Services

The port has special equipment for packing mineral fertilizers into 25 kg and 50 kg polypropylene bags.