Ukraine is not ready to admit private locomotives to railway infrastructure - Ministry of Infrastructure


Admission of private locomotives to railway infrastructure in Ukraine will be possible in about five years, said Deputy Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine Alexander Kava during a conference at the Polish Embassy, dedicated to access to the railway infrastructure of the country, in Kiev on Thursday.

‘The question of the admission of private locomotives - is a matter of public debate. According to our reform program in the railway industry, this will be talking about five years’, - he said.

In turn, Director of Technical Policy of the State Administration of Railway Transport of Ukraine (‘UZ’) Rostislav Demin said that based on the current situation and financial possibilities ‘UZ’ will not be able to invest in rolling-stock during one-two years.

Ambassador of the Republic of Poland in Ukraine Henryk Litwin, for his part, said that private carriers’ access to railway infrastructure is an important factor in the reform of Ukrainian railways. ‘Through this, the government will not need to invest in rolling-stock, these costs can take companies that are engaged in railway transportation’, - he said.

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