Historical record of cargo handling was achieved by Berdyansk port in 2014

Berdyansk port

Berdyansk port has handled 3.197 million tons of cargo first time in its 185-year history during 2014. This was reported by port’s administration.

The reason is, primarily, to the reorientation of the cargo flows from Mariupol port to Berdyansk due to fighting in the Donbass. For the same reason ceased transshipment of coal and coke, that represent a significant share in port’s cargo structure. Instead of this, the goods of metallurgy products appeared in cargo nomenclature, almost twice grown the processing of grain, thrice - clay.

The port has processed 486 during 2014.

As a result, Berdyansk port has one of the highest profitability in the industry - more than 22 %. Received UAH 259.0 million (USD 16.423 million) of income and 38.707 million (USD 2.454 million) of net profit.

The average monthly salary in the company in 2014 amounted to UAH 6377 (USD 404), while the dockers-machine operators – UAH 8937 (USD 566).

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