Kherson Sea Port


Kherson Merchant Sea Port
4, Ushakova Ave., Kherson, 73000, Ukraine.
Kherson Sea Port on map Kherson Sea Port scheme
Contacts and Phones of Kherson Sea Port
E-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Reception +380-552-223248, 325252, факс 481402
Director General +380-552-223248, факс 325252
Assistant of Director general on information questions and publishing +380-552-481330, +380-50-3960125
Chief Engineer +380-552-467304
Operation Deputy Director +380-552-481422, 421343
Economics And Finance Director +380-552-481313
Labour Protection and Environment Deputy Director +380-552-481463, 262342
Deputy of Director general on coordination of and social questions +380-552-481237
Trade Union Chairman +380-552-481210
Harbour Master +380-552-325333, 481487, fax 265086
Chief Operator +380-552-481403, 264752
Head of Cargo Handling Area +380-552-481226
Fire Dept +380-552-481446, 481201
Customhouse +380-552-420061, 420060
Border Post +380-552-264618, 417237
Sanitary Quarantine Department +380-552-454337, 467030
Boundary State Inspection on Quarantine of Plants +380-552-417386
Veterinary Inspection +380-552-417214


The city of Kherson was founded in 1778.

In 1803 Kherson started developing as a merchant port. In 1806 the government assigned the means to build a shipyard, which annually launched from 20 to 30 merchant vessels. Economic needs of the city were growing simultaneously with the drift of labour, increase of population and construction volume.

In 1901, after thirty years of interrupt caused by dredging works on the Dnepr's riverbed, the city's seagate was opened again. Kherson engaged the glory of one of the most important ports exporting grain.

After World War II Kherson became an industrial, agricultural and cultural center in the south of Ukraine. Equipped with modern facil-ities, Kherson Merchant Sea Port was reputed as one of the leading ones in the Black Sea region and bulked large in USSR foreign trade.

For the time being Kherson Merchant Sea Port is a modern enterprise rendering high quality services on handling and transporting cargoes, providing safe navigation and state supervision concerning navigational safety and works on rating and certification.


General Information

The port position is: Latitude 46°38'N, Longitude 32°37'E.

Kherson port is situated 15.0 km from the mouth of the river Dnepr on its right bank and is approached by going up the fairway of the Rvach river, up the Dnepr's Olkhovy arm, and the Dnepr itself.

The port is navigable year-round.

Northerly and northeasterly winds prevail.

Wind speeds over 15 m/s occur in 10 % of the year, usually between November and March. Fogs are observed 19–60 days per year on an average, and last 5–6 hours a day.

The Dneprovskiy estuary is declared a national reserve. Navigation is permitted only along its navigable arms. Navigation along the fairway leading into the port presents no big difficulties. In winter, when the Dnepr freezes over, vessels are led into the port by icebreakers.

Kherson port's roadstead is in the Dnepr between the upper roads for river-going vessels 1 km upstream from the elevator and the meridian of the eastern extremity of Maly Potemkin Island.

Navigational Conditions

Kherson port is open to vessels of any flag year round, and can admit vessels of up to 200 m in length and 7.6 m draft, in fresh waters.

All navigation and maneuvers in the port are regulated by the Harbour Master. No vessel is allowed to enter or leave port, nor take up or change berth without the permission of SPCI.

Within port waters no ship, except hydrofoil vessels, may navigate at speeds over 6 knots. When navigating port waters, vessels coming within 500 m of a backwaters 1, 2 and 3 must sound one continuous signal, intensify the watch, keep to the middle of the river, and pass the backwater exits with particular care, bearing in mind that at any moment a vessel may exit a backwater and cross the vessel's path.

Tug Assistance

The assistance of tugs at Kherson port is compulsory for mooring operations. Number and capacity of tugs shall be determined by port pilot in agreement with shipmaster.

A tug is called for via the port's operator on duty. The towage of vessels with crews on board must be supervised by their shipmaster.

Policy on Staying in Kherson port

Handling of vessels in Kherson port shall be carried out under agreements made with cargo owners or their forwarders.

Cargo owners or their forwarders, in accordance with these contracts, must submit to port authorities the applications for handling the vessel no less than 6 days before the appointed month.

Vessels are not allowed to change its mooring place in the port without permission of the Operator on Duty or SPCI inspector.


Kherson Sea Port specializes:
  • transshipment of international and domestic cargoes;
  • freight handling;
  • packaging of bulk chemicals in 50 kg Eurobags and big bags;
  • transport of international cargoes to ports of the Black Sea and to the Mediterranean by vessels of the port fleet;
  • tug convoy;
  • pilotage of vessels by icebreakers;
  • quarrying and shipping of sand.

The port is designed to handle 4 million t of cargo a year. The port handles general and dry bulk cargoes: more than 40 % of cargoes handled in the port are mineral fertilizers and chemicals in bulk and in bales, about 40 % – grain. In the port they handle also all kinds of ferrous metal, pig iron in ingots, coke, ferrous alloys, timber, peat, etc.


There is one cargo handling area in Kherson Sea Port for handling general and bulk cargoes. Its berthing line runs 1,262 m.

The grain terminal is situated here. It includes a warehouse (cap. 20,000 t). Grain from railcars and motor vehicles is discharged into special bins, and then goes to the warehouse via the conveyor. A direct scheme of grain handling is also envisaged.

There is a special device to parcel fertilizers into 50 kg bags. The capacity of this device is 750 t per day. The bags are packed into soft containers, placing up to 2 t of cargo.

Other bulk cargoes are packed in the port too, round timber is packaged, etc.

To store grain, fertilizers and other cargo, they use 11 vessels of DM type having carrying capacity of 1,000 t and 2 barges having carrying capacity of 2,400 t.

Berths of Kherson Sea Port
Specialization Berth Length (m) Depth (m)
Bulk cargoes 1 200,00 5,50
General cargoes 2 106,50 7,25
General cargoes 3 100,00 7,25
General cargoes 4 200,10 8,25
Bulk cargoes 5 194,00 8,25
Bulk, grain cargoes 6 153,40 8,25
Auxilliary berth 7 149,20 2,50
Grain cargoes 8 80,00 7,90
Grain cargoes 9 170,00 7,90
Grain cargoes 10 113,60 3,70
Coal, coke Backwater no. 2 150,00 1,50
Coal Backwater no. 2 80,00 5,50
Cargo Handling Rates at Kherson Sea Ports
Cargo Operation (loading / discharging) Rate (t/vesse/day)
Frozen cargoes discharging 400
Metal products discharging / loading 100
Scrap loading 600
General cargoes, import, till 50 kg discharging 300
General cargoes, import, 50 kg and more discharging 500
Cargo in bags loading 1000
Cargo in bigbags discharging / loading 1500
Sulphur discharging / loading 2000
Bulk fertilizers, from a berth discharging 2500
Bulk fertilizers, board to board discharging 2500
Bulk fertilizers, wagon to board by 100 t crane loading 2500
Bulk ammonia sulphate loading 5000
Ammonia sulphate in bulk from semi-wagons loading 2000
Phosphorites, board to board loading 2000
Ferro-alloys loading 2000
Timber packed loading 600
Timber non-packed loading 500
Bulk sand loading 3000
Light grain via storage loading 800
Light grain, direct scheme loading 1500
Light grain, board to board loading 850
Light grain, via terminal loading 2000
Heavy grain via storage loading 2000
Heavy grain, direct scheme loading 3000
Heavy grain, board to board loading 2000
Heavy grain, via terminal loading 3000
Kherson Port's Cranes' Specifications
Name, types Quantity Lifting Capacity(t) Outreach (t)
Ganz, gantry 6 5/6 8-30
Albrecht, gantry 2 10 8-30
Albatros, gantry 10 10/20 8-32
Deer, caterpillar 1 8 4-14
KC 4572, automobile 1 16 4-16
Bleichert, floating 1 15 8-25
Ganz, floating 3 16 8-30
Ganz, floating 1 100/25 9-33
Neptun, floating 1 150/32 9-25
Kherson Port's Fleet
Name, type Quantity Power (hp)
Volgo-Balt-218, dry cargo ship 1 1400
Kiliya, dry cargo ship 1 1320
Dunay, sea tug 1 800
Dnepr, Komkov, sea tug 2 1200
RBT-116, harbour tug 1 300
Salyut, harbour tug 2 225
M. Vorobyov, fueler 1 450
PS-305, bilge waters collector 1 225
Vodoley-1, oil collector 1 65
Kafa, roads launch 1 300
T. Kopeikin, roads launch 1 150
LK-49, pilot boat 1 300
Otvazhniy, firefighting boat1225
NMS-38, oil collector1135
DM, dry cargo ship11135
RIF, transport launch1150


Kherson port has:
  • 22 fork-lift trucks of 1.5 t l/c;
  • 10 fork-lift trucks of 4 t l/c;
  • 7 fork-lift trucks of 5 t l/c;
  • 4 fork-lift trucks of 10 t l/c;
  • 4 bulldosers;
  • 2 Sisu port tractors;
  • 17 bucket loaders;
  • 2 Symon-Richards packing machines with effective output of 120 t per hour;
  • 5 haulage tractors МТЗ80;
  • conveyor equipment;
  • 2 stations for unloading of wagons.


Kherson Sea Port has a non-self propelled Vodoley vessel capable of carrying 800 t of fresh water for round-the-clock water bunkering.


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