Code of Customs of Nikolaev Sea Port


3.1.The ship shall be accepted to the port for cargo handling, mooring, and other operations only on receiving a confirmation of acceptance from port.

Maximum dimensions of the ships, bound for Nikolayev sea port shall not exceed: length - 215 m, beam - 30 m,draft - 9,8 m.

Ships, the dimensions of which exceed the abovementioned figures, can be accepted to the port only after compulsory coordination with Harbour master.

Additional expenses relating to the pilotage of such ships shall be beared by Shipowner/Charterer.

Tug's assistance for passing through the channel is compulsory for ships of length more than 187 m. Tugs are also given to a ship of smaller dimensions if ordered by the ship master.

3.1.1. Mooring operations in the port are carried out only with tug's assistance, the quantity of which is determined by ship master on coordinating this with pilot.

The cost for using tugs for mooring does not depend on quantity and capacity of tugs.

3.2. On the basis of existing contracts (agreements) and within its terrestrial and water area the port shall provide compulsory operations and services including:

3.2.1. Loading and discharging of ships (trimming, stowing included), cargo separation, fastening and unfastening of cargo, dry cleaning of holds and tween-decks after discharging the calling in the port ships with the draft declared by the port:

  • transport and forwarding service; static interdepot operations;
  • cargo transfer to sea transport from other kings of transport and vice versa.

To carry out mentioned operations the port uses specialized complexes and general-purpose berths with roofed warehouses and open-storage spaces.

The ships carrying refrigerated cargo, titania slag, ilmenite, grain and raw sugar in bulk shall be discharged directly to transportation facilities (ship-to-railway car, ship-to-motor car, ship-to-ship).

Dangerous cargoes shall be handled in compliance with IMO and IMDG Code rules only after receiving by cargo-owners permission of State Inspection for Protection of the Black Sea or Ministry of Environmental Protection and Nuclear Safety of Ukraine and preliminary agreement with the port.

Cargoes are to be delivered to the port only on receiving a confirmation from the Port Authorities.

3.2.2. The port shall provide alongside the berth or in roadsteed:

  • water supply of ships;
  • removal of bilge, ballast, sewerage waters; garbage disposal.

3.2.3. The port shall issue the documents for the loaded/discharged cargo.

3.2.4. The port shall get the documents relating to the arrival or departure of ship's.

3.3. Other operations and services are available on additional requests:

3.3.1. Allocation of lay-off berths for ships.

3.3.2. Deratization, disinfection (water and reservoirs included), fumigation of cargoes. Accomodation of crew members in hotels. Electric power supply and installation of telephones.

3.3.3. Other works and services specified in the contract (agreement) including customs clearance, dispatch and demurrage calculations.

3.4. All services at the port are paid according to the rates of dues and costs, established by acting legislation.

3.5. Other services may be available at the port on the agreement of the parties.