Merchant Shipping Code of Ukraine (Edition of July 04, 2013)

SECTION VII. Sea Towage.

Chapter 2. Towage in Port.

Clause 229. Definition of Contract.

In accordance with the contract of towage in port (thereafter called a Contract) the tug owner shall, for due award, tow vessels or other floating craft into or out of the port, perform maneuvering of the towed vessel, mooring and other operations in port waters.

The Contract may be concluded in verbal form.

Clause 230. Contract of Port Towage.

Towage in port shall be commanded/controlled by the Master of the towed vessel (craft) unless agreed otherwise. An agreement on entrusting the Master of the towing vessel with command of towage shall be proven by written evidences only.

Clause 231. Compulsory Use of Tugs.

In order to ensure a safety of navigation in port waters, the Port Manager may stipulate a mandatory use of tugs for entering, leaving and moving within port waters and for performing maneuvers, mooring and other operation as well as terms of towage.