Beginning of icebreaking period at Yeisk sea port

Ледокольная проводка в порту Ейск

The beginning of icebreaking period is declared at Yeisk sea port and its approaches from 15.12.2013 0:00 MSK. It contains the disposal of “Administration of Yeisk Sea Port” no. 01-03/24 dated 09.12.2013.

According to the disposal, the vessels allowed to sail must have fuel, water, food and other supplies needed for an autonomy, for not less than 14 running days.

At the Yeisk sea port and approach to, it is prohibited to perform any towing operations except emergency nature.

During icebreaking period the staying of vessels at outer roads without providing icebreaker or port tugs with ice-strengthened hull, is allowed only with the permission of Yeisk harbour master.

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