Code of Customs of Mariupol Sea Port

ANNEX 1. The main cargo transport and forwarding conditions in the Sea Commercial port of Mariupol. 2. THE SCOPE OF APPLICATION


2.1. The present conditions are applicable to all port's contracts in spite of Nationality of the carrier's ship, cargo owner or any interested person as well as to contracts concluded by the cargo owner (his forwarder) or by liner seagoing carrier if those contracts related to the port.

2.2. The present conditions to be preferred to any customs or rules of corresponding branches, if any differences.

2.3. The problems related to subject of the present conditions' regulation, which have no direct settlement, to be settled according to Generals of the Civil Code, Code of Merchant Shipping and other normative documents in force now in Ukraine.

2.4. The present conditions to be an integral part of any contract if in this contract there is the port's reference to those conditions.

2.5. The parties have the right to include alterations and adateditions in their contracts according to conditions or circumstances taken place while concluding such a contract upon assuming the present TFC as a basis.

2.6. In accordance with the Chapter No. 65 of the Civil Code of Ukraine and Ukrainian Law 'On transport and forwarding activity', dated 01.07.2004, a forwarder, representing a cargo owner's interests based on their mutual agreement and proxy granted by a cargo owner, can have legal relations with the port authorities being the authorized representative of a cargo owner.

The port authorities enter into legal relations with a cargo owner's forwarder and execute its orders only on a forwarder's represented a duly issued proxy that granted by a cargo owner fixing a forwarder's limits of authority and validity.