Code of Customs of Mariupol Sea Port

Article 2

The Port is sutuated in the Azov Sea, in the NW part of the Taganrog Gulf, Lat. 47'03'N, Long.37'30'E and protected seaward by North, South and East moles.

2.1. The Port is open for navigation all the year round. The days of the opening and closing of ice navigation shall be the days officially declared as such by the Port Administration. Procedures and conditions for ice-breaker assistance to convoy ships in and out will be effected according to the Obligatory Regulations and orders as well.

Calls of warships and nuclear ships shall be agreed in accordance with Procedures established by directive bodies.

2.2. Port accepts vessels with a length up to 250 m and draft of up to 8 m.

2.3. The Port is a territory with a special permit, border and custom controls regime which is regulated by a special order of the Port Director General with due regard for the Border and Customs legislation of Ukraine in force.

2.4. There are Port's facilities to provide transports' (trains, lorries and ships) handling including 18 berths with depth of 8 metres and 1 passenger berth as well as indoor and outdoor warehouses for cargo storage and cargo handling equipment:

  • gantry cranes of 5.0 up to 40.0 mtons capacity;
  • floating cranes of 16.0, 100,0 and 150,0 mtons capacity;
  • forklift trucks of 1,5 up to 32.0 mtons capacity and other machinery.

2.5. Loading of export grain cargoes delivered by a customer's trucks is accomplished via sheltered storages.

Unloading/loading of frozen cargoes, grain, raw sugar, dangerous cargoes of Appropriate kinds, sulphur and bulk fertilizers are carried out by direct scheme only.

Dangerous cargoes are handled in accordance with MOPOG/IMO regulations only and should be agreed beforehand.

Handling of dust-forming mineral fertilizers, sulphur and other dust-forming cargoes is limited by requirements of corresponding sanitary and nature protective authorities and by requirements that fixed in the working process charts.

Dangerous, harmful and perishable goods can't be accepted for storage in the port and be handled from wagons/trucks onboard the vessels and from the vessels into wagons/trucks by direct scheme only. In view of this, the cargo owners/their forwarders should match the vessels arrival with wagons/trucks delivery in time.

Operations with a ship's cargo handling means can be carried out with wind strength up to 22 m/s max.

2.6. All cargoes delivered to the port must have declarations and IMO certificates.

2.7. The port operates 24 hours a day with Sundays and holidays included. Usual working hours in the port are from 8 to 17 besides Sundays and holidays.

The days before holidays and Sundays are considered to be as 3/4 of a working day.

As per Labor Code of the Ukraine, the holidays are:

  • January 1 – The New Year;
  • January 7 - Christmas;
  • March 8 - International Women Day;
  • May 1 and 2 – International solidarity of the working people;
  • May 9 - Victory Day;
  • June 28 – Constitution Day of Ukraine;
  • August 24 – Independence Day of Ukraine as well as religious holidays for one day (Sunday) – Easter and one day (Sunday - Whitsunday) Trinity.

Based on the exclusive agreements with a customer, the port can carry out handling operations and render its services day and night as well as on Sundays and holidays.

2.8. All handling operations carried out within port territory and water area considered as the main type of activity and can be effected by port's means and facilities only or by other authorized officials being duly agreed with the port officials or on the basis of the administrative acts of the government bodies (in compliance with the Merchant Shipping Code, Clause 73).