Code of Customs of Mariupol Sea Port

ANNEX 6. Survey service in the port

1. A surveyor`s activities on the territory of the port are based on the agreements for services (Clause 63, Civil Code of Ukraine) ,namely on the written requests of sellers, buyers, cargo owners, ship owners, forwarders, agents and insurers. These activities include:

1.1. Consultation and provision of the recommendations to the port, ship owners, shippers, receivers, chartering, insurance and other organizations concerning security measures on transportation and safety of cargo during storage, handling and delivery as well as the vessels` condition and their equipment.

1.2. Rendering the expert and inspection services on determining the properties, quality and quantity of the goods, its identification, conditions of transportation, vessels` seaworthiness and readiness to accept and deliver the cargoesand other services including safety navigation that proved by the corresponding certificates / survey statements duly issued.

2. A surveyor should:

2.1. Perform his activities without any interferences and making obstacles to the port`s administrative and economic activities and other participants.

To observe the port regulations as well as the rules on the marine and environment safety, Code of customs and Obligatory regulations of the port.

2.2. Provide the port with the copies of requests as well as the written information of the forthcoming activities.

The information should contain:
  • customer`s name for expertise/survey;
  • object and aim of the forthcoming expertise/survey;
  • time for expertise/survey;
  • vessel`s and shipowner`s name (operator`s) if expertise to be performed onboard or during loading/discharging operations onto/from a vessel;
  • description of cargo;
  • information about a cargo owner (forwarder);

Information is to be produced not late than one day before an expertise/survey to commence despite the other information available.

2.3. To perform expertise / survey onboard within the terms not exceeding 1 hour the handling operations finished.

2.4. To make photos in the port only in the presence of the port`s representative and with a written permission to do this in hands.

2.5. To inform a port`s authorized person (Chief Operator, Cargo and Commercial Department Manager) in a written form on the faults and drawbacks discovered in the process of the work and of its completion.

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