Code of Customs of Mariupol Sea Port

Article 8

8.1. The port and the ship shall draw up a Timesheet to count the actual time of staying the ship in the port.

Staying time is considered to be the time of a vessel's being in the port from the moment of her arrival (completion of mooring to a berth or anchorage within the port water area). A completion of the staying time is the moment of a vessel's departure from the port (beginning of unmooring from a berth or from anchorage).

Laying time is considered to be the working time allowed to the port in accordance with the gross rates for the vessels' handling that fixed by the Port's Code of Customs including loading/discharging of the rated quantity of cargoes, transshipment, separation, stowage, unlashing/lashing, opening/closing the holds, inspection of the holds, dry cleaning of the cargo places after discharging, furnishing the documents for discharged/loaded goods as well as hosing/unhosing, bunkering, oil and water supply (during handling operations, if possible).

8.1.1. A Timesheet to be drawn for discharging and loading separately, if the ship to be loaded after discharging in this port.

8.1.2. A Timesheet (Statement of Facts) to be signed by the master, his agent and port's Representative (post and name mentioned). The Timesheet drawn up without a port's representative to be considered as unvalid. The procedure of signing of a Timesheet by the parties should not delay a ship's departure.

No changes of a Timesheet are allowed and the parties have no right to refuse signing a Timesheet. If any contradictions, the proper clauses should be made by any party.

8.1.3. All handling operations to be fixed in hours and minutes from the moment of the ship's arrival till her departure including any delays of handling resulted in the laydays exclusions with their duration and reasons mentioned, with proper statements, in case of need, drawn.