Code of Customs of Nikolaev Sea Port


10.1. Dunnage and fasteners necessary for loading cargoes shall be provided by the Charterer for his own account. Separation and fastening operations on board the ship shall be performed for the ship's account. Special equipment - turnbuckles, clamps, steel ropes and other fasteners - shall be provided by the ship.

10.2. The responsibility for correct separation of cargo, fastening and trimming (stowing) of cargoes shall rest with the ship's management. Installation of stanchions for loading of deck cargo aftd fastening of deck cargoes are to be performed for ship's account and under ship’s responsibility, irrespective of whether these operations are performed by the ship's crew or by the port’s workers, at the ship master's request.

10.3. Cargoes shall be stowed on board the ship in accordance with the cargo plan approved by the ship master and agreed with the port.

The ship master shall be responsible for the correct trimming and stowage of cargo in the ship's cargo spaces.

The ship owner shall be responsible for the separation of lots under Bills of Lading and quality of separation during loading, and also for the delivery of cargo as per kills of Lading during discharge. If these conditions are not performed properly, all the expenses for sorting out the cargo in the port during discharge shall be incurred by the ship owner. All the losses in case the cargo cannot be sorted out shall be incurred by the ship owner.

Cargoes may be loaded on deck with the cargo owner's permission.

10.4. Particular cargo shall be loaded only after the cargo owner has given to the ship's management and Port Authorities permission of State Inspection for Protection of the Black Sea of Ministry of Environmental Protection and Nuclear Safety of Ukraine; Certificate on the cargo, Seaworthiness Certificate; and also if the ship has corresponding standard documents on safe carriage of the cargo by sea. Particular cargo shall be discharged only if the ship has sanitary certificate of the state sanitary expert examination. The ships shall be provided with these documents by the cargo owners and ship owners (Charterers).