There is a plan to build 7 new terminals and berths for grain and general cargoes close to Nikolaev

Odessa port

Company ‘Terminal-Ukrpischesbytsyre’ (‘Terminal UPSS’, Nikolaev) intends to build seven berths and terminals for grain and general cargo, food, as well as facilities for Ro-Ro and container vessels in the Bug estuary. This was announced by company’s CEO Dmitry Falco.

The total quay length will be 2400 meters. The investor plans to construct the first phase of the mooring line during two years from the date of work commencement. It provides the terminals and systems for grain and bulk cargoes. Construction is scheduled to begin in July 2015. Terms of building of the second and third phases facilities will depend on the market situation and the availability of cargoes.

D. Falco said that ‘Terminal UPSS’ handles 1.5 million tons of cargo a year now. ‘Cargoes, we are dealing with, are - pouring food, grain, bulk, cake, meal, granulated sugar beet pulp. Today, we use berths of ‘Nikolaev Alumina Refinery’ - and our pipelines are derived to them. If our project is implemented, we are able to deploy our loading line ‘ - he said.

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