Code of Customs of Mariupol Sea Port

Article 11

Responibilities of a shipping agent:

11.1. To inform the port about a carrier/shipowner in a written form. By the port's request to present the documents confirming his authority to act on behalf of a shipowner/carrier and his limits of authority as well.

11.2. To inform the masters of the vessels about the Obligatory regulations of the port, its Code of Customs and other normative documents that regulate the presence and activity in the port.

11.3. To provide the port with the information of a vessel's arrival in accordance With the Generals, item 5.5. Information should contain all the data as per item 5.6. of the Generals.

11.4. To provide application from a vessel on her arrival at or sailing from the port a request for pilot and tugboat services in compliance with the Obligatory regulations of the port.

11.5. To present the port with the vessel's notice of readiness for handling and service in accordance with the Generals of the Code. Notice of readiness is handled to the port on completion of the border, custom and other formalities and on receiving a free pratique. A vessel is to be fully ready for cargo handling by the time fixed in the notice.

11.6. To pass to the port all cargo documents together with those ones concerning the vessel's data within 2 (two) hours from the moment a free pratique obtained.

11.7. To accept from the vessels and pass to the port authorities the request for electric power, water, fuel and other supplies.

11.8. To secure a vessel's fulfilment of the port's requirements on receiving/delivery the cargo day and night, on Sundays and holidays as well.

11.9. To receive, accept and make timely and complete payments for advance final port's disbursement accounts for all the works and services rendered by the port to the vessel, crew, passengers as well as for the materials used by the port or to provide receiving, acceptance and payments of these accounts by a carrier/shipowner.

The payment of the disbursement accounts is to be performed before a vessel's sailing from the port.

The payment should be done with a reference to the agreement between the port and agent.