Code of Customs of Mariupol Sea Port

Article 7

7.1. A ship shall, at the port's request, receive or deliver the ceargo day and night, as well as on Sundays and holidays, furnishing free of charge electric power, winches, cranes, lighting and other facilities necessary to ensure loading or unloading of the cargo. The receipt and delivery of the cargo to be effected alongside by the Bs/L. Tallysheets for every sling load to be signed by the port's and ship's tallymen. If ship's tallymen are not presented, count of port's tallymen should be considered as final without any clauses in documents. Port's documents are signed by a ship's master. The signature is certified by a ship's stamp.

7.2. During the breaks in loading or unloading of any cargoes as well as in case of bad weather, opening and closing of hatches shall be done by a ship's crew. Should shore or floating cranes be used, the expences shall be borne by a ship.

7.3. Any adateditional expences connected with unloading from lockers, deep tanks other spaces not fitted for normal work of people and machinery, as well as unloading of sub-standard cargoes and cargoes in defect packing at the request of a ship, shall be borne by a ship. The actual time spent for those operations to be adateded to the laydays.

7.4. Separation and lashing materials shall be furnished by the charterers or ship-owners at their own expense. Any special lashing of the cargo in holds and on decks (welding, keel blocks, planking, making and mounting of metal details, etc) to be done at the Consignor's or Consignee's own expense and the time spent for those operations to be adateded to the laydays. Special stocks – rigging screws, clips, steel ropes, etc. for lashing of the cargo shall be furnished by a ship.