Code of Customs of Mariupol Sea Port

Article 9

9.1 If any special lashing (unlashing) of the cargo is requested by a ship, or in case of effecting heavy duty discharging operations (packing, repacking of damaged and wetted cargo pieces, discharging from lockers, deep tanks and other spaces not fitted for a normal work of people and machinery, etc.), handling of poisonous and inflammable goods with using gas-masks, opening and closing the hatches with shore and floating cranes, etc., adateditional time agreed by the parties to be proved to the port and this time to be adateded to the counted laydays.

9.2. The laydays shall be counted after berthing of a ship at free berth in the limits of the terminal handling facilities and free pratique obtained.

9.3. Laytime counting is suspended when cargo and auxiliary operations can't be effected due to:

  • force-majeure;
  • fault of a master, cargo owner or charterer;
  • absence of the wagons with the goods handled by a direct scheme (when the wagons are ordered by the port in the total quantity).

9.4. If the cargo handling operations were not over by the completion of the lay-time, port and sea carrier/ship's agent can fix an adateditional time (demurrage time) to complete a vessel's handling.