Code of Customs of Nikolaev Sea Port


6.1. The lay days of the ship at the port is all the time of ship’s stay in the port from, the moment of ship's arrival (completion of berthing or anchoring within the port water area on the indication of the Port Authorities) to the moment of ship's departure from the port (beginning of leaving the berth or weighing anchor).

6.2. To keep account of the lay days, i.e. the time of ship's actual stay in the port, the ship shall execute the time sheet together with port.

If the ship is discharged first and then loaded at the port, separate time sheets are executed for discharging and loading.

Time sheet shall be signed by the ship master (or his agent) and the port representatives. The signing of the time sheet by the parties must not delay the ship's departure.

The records in the time sheet are not to be changed and none of the parties has a right to refuse to sign the time sheet. Should one of the parties have any objections, a corresponding remark can be made by this party before the document is signed.

If the ship is serviced with the participation of the Shipper or Consignee (or their representatives), the time sheet shall be executed and signed with participation of the latter.

6.3. Recorded in the time sheet in chronological order shall be all service operations in hours and minutes, starting from the ship's arrival to the port to the moment of completion of all operations performed by the port, including all delays in handling, that caused interruption of the ship's laytime, duration and reasons of the delays indicated and, in necessary cases, noted in reports.

6.4. If weather conditions do not permit port representatives coming onboard a ship for signing the time sheet, the latter shall be signed by the ship master after the case has been agreed with port representative over the radiotelephone, a corresponding entry being made into the ship's log-book and the extract from the log-book annexed to the time sheet.

6.5. Time sheet for any ship shall be executed in all events of loading,discharging and servicing of a ship, irrespective of where and by what means the ship is serviced.