Code of Customs of Nikolaev Sea Port


9.1. At the port’s request the ship shall take in or deliver cargo day and night and also on Sundays and holidays, providing free of charge steam,electric power, winches, slings, cranes, as well as lighting and other facilities necessary to ensure efficient cargo handling. Cargo shall be received and delivered alongside, on the berth, each cargo lift being compulsory confirmed by a tallyman receipt signed by both parties. The ship shall ensure delivery of cargo as per Bills of Lading.

9.2. The ship shall close and open hatches in case the loading or discharging is interrupted or if the weather is foul. When shore cranes are used, the ship shall bear all expenses.

9.3. Should idle labour occur for the reasons within the ship's control (disrepair of ship’s cargo handling gear, loss of steam and/or lighting,stop-page of cargo handling operations on the request or through the fault of the ship’s management, making changes in the mutually accepted cargo plan on the initiative of the ship's management, etc.), idle time costs shall be paid by the ship owner at the rates currently in effect at the port. Such idle time shall be excluded from lay time.

9.4. The shifting of the ship related to her loading/discharging and servicing shall be for the ship’s account:

  • the first one-in all cases;
  • subsequent shifting caused by selective loading of the ship-depending on the specialization of the port.

In all other cases shifting of the ship, including those related to servicing, shall be paid by the party, that ordered them.

9.5. At the port's request the ship shall leave the berth.

9.6.Additional costs, related to discharging of cargoes from lockers, deep tanks and other spaces unadapted for normal working of men and functioning of machinery and the discharging of non-standard cargoes and cargoes in faulty packaging shall be for ship's account and the actual used time shall be added to lay time.